Honing Steel vs Sharpening Steel

Honing Steel vs Sharpening Steel

honing steel vs sharpening steel

Honing Steel vs. Sharpening Steel

By Bobby B.  |  January 5, 2021  | Blog

Most home chefs don’t even know there’s a difference between a honing steel and sharpening steel.  There is, and it’s very important to understand.  If you use them incorrectly, you could be shortening the lifespan of your favorite kitchen knives.  On this page we’ve decided to tackle the the very important topic of helping you understand why you’d use a honing steel vs. a sharpening steel, and when you should do the opposite.

Honing Steel

A honing steel is a maintenance item.  Its function is to keep a sharp knife sharp.  The terminology of the word “sharpen” is often misused when it comes to knives.  A honing steel DOES NOT sharpen knives!

During use, a knife’s blade rolls over a bit on a microscopic level.  This is not something you can see, but it makes the blade feel like it’s no longer sharp when you’re cutting.  By honing the knife with a ceramic or steel honing rod, you are straightening out the blade so it feels sharp again.  

To keep a super sharp knife in the kitchen, it’s recommended that you hone a blade often.  Some do it after every use, but we believe every 90-120 minutes of use is sufficient.  This will help maintain the blade and makes using your knives easier. 

How To Pick a Honing Steel

if you purchase a new kitchen knife set, many of them include a honing steel as a bonus.  Just check the specs first as many of them call it a sharpening steel or sharpening rod, but it’s actually a honing steel.  If you don’t already have one with your knife block, here are some things to consider when buying one.


You always want your honing steel to be at least as long as your longest knife blade.  This means that you can hone all of your knives in a single pass.  This will help ensure a consistant edge on the knives throughout the entire length of the blade. 


Honing steels coming in two basic materials, steel and ceramic.  Steel hones have been around the longest and they’re also the most common.  This is likely what came in your knife set.  They are a bit more abrasive than a ceramic hone. Ceramic has a much finer grit (usually around 1000 grit) and therefore is less destructive on your blades. 

Due to the brittle nature of the blade steel used on Japanese knives, ceramic hones should be used in place of steel ones.  The downside to a ceramic hone however, is that if they are dropped, they can easily break.

Our Favorite Honing Steel

There are tons of great honing steels out there.  We prefer the ceramic hones for the reasons mentioned above.  If you don’t already have one in your knife set, consider this one from Messermeister.

Messermeister honing steel

12-inch Honing Steel – Check Price at Amazon

Sharpening Steel

By contrast, a sharpening steel does actually sharpen a knife’s blade.  sharpening steels are made more abrasively, and they actually remove material.

This gives the knife a new edge all together, and often you’ll even be able to see the difference.  Actual sharpening of knives doesn’t really need to take place that often.  Of course it depends on how much you use your knives, but most home chefs will only need to do this about once annually, honing the knife in between to maintain the sharp edge.  

How To Pick a Sharpening Steel

Because a sharpening steel actually removes metal from the blade, and they aren’t needed often, it’s not something that’s often included with a knife set.  You’ll need to seek one out and purchase it separately in most cases.


The length of a sharpening steel can be detrmined using the exact same criteria as that of a honing steel.  You basically just want the sharpening rod to be longer than the length of your longest blade.


As mentioned above, sharpening steels are more abrasive than honing rods.  The most commonly used material in a sharpening rod is diamond steel to remove material.

Our Favorite Honing Steel

Again, there’s no real rocket-science to manufacturing sharpening steels, but our favorite is the matching set to the honing rod we recommended above from Messermeister.  They look the same, but this one has an 800-grit diamond steel surface.

Messermeister sharpening steel

12-inch Sharpening Steel – Check Price at Amazon

Honing Steel vs. Sharpening Steel

Here’s a great video by our friends over at Wusthof, explaining some more about the differences, but also how to use a honing steel and sharpening rod.  This is great for making sure you’re using the right techniques and not damaging the blades on your good kitchen knives!

Which Do You Need: Honing or Sharpening Steel?

Both steels, honing and sharpening, treat your knives differently.  Everyone should have a honing steel in order to continually maintain the sharp edge on each of their knives.  This will ensure they’re always sharp, ready to use, and taken care of. 

Each home should also have a way to periodically sharpen their kitchen knives.  How you decide to do that is up to the individual.  There’s nothing wrong with a sharpening steel, but there are also other, more effective ways to sharpen knives.  These include electric knife sharpeners, whetstones, or shipping your knives off to a professional knife sharpener.   

Curious about sharpening serrated knives?  It’s actually not as difficult as it sounds.  Check out the post below to learn more…

link to how to sharpen serrated knives
Best Mandoline Slicers

Best Mandoline Slicers

Best Mandoline Slicer

The Safest & Best Mandoline Slicer in 2021

By Bobby B.  |  June 3, 2020  | Kitchen Accessories

The age-old issue on how to slice vegetables in the kitchen quickly, but also safely.  Those with great knife skills will swear by slicing them with a kitchen knife, probably a chef’s knife or if you’re lucky enough to have one, a nakiri.  But, for the rest of the world, there are mandolines.  The best mandoline slicers allow for the quick, consistent veggie slices.  It’s that consistency that’s the key here.  It’s creates a slice after slice at just the right thickness…the thickness you set on the mandoline. 

Like all kitchen knives though, they use ultra-sharp fixed blades for slicing the veggies, thus leaving potential for cutting yourself if you’re not careful.  For this reason, part of our reviews below will focus not only on finding the best, but also the safest mandoline slicer. 

cucumber sliced safely on mandoline slicer

Our Top 5 Favorite Mandoline Slicers


There are tons of different mandolines and other veggie slicers available today.   They come in all different shapes and sizes, and even differ wildly in price point.  Our favorite models are shown below with a detailed review on each mandoline describing what we liked or disliked about it.  The main factors we feel are important for a mandoline to make this list are reliability, consistency, speed, customer feedback, and of course safety.

safest mandoline slicer - dash safe slice mandoline

With the Dash Safe Slice mandoline, there’s never a need to get your fingers or hand anywhere near the blade.  It’s also not exposed like it is on so many less-safe, traditional slicers.  Not only is it the safest mandoline available, but it makes quick, consistent cuts also.  With over 30 different slicing options in thicknesses from 1 to 8 millimeters, it should do just about any job you could ever throw at it.  And how do customers like the Dash safe slice?  Well, quite frankly, they love it!  Check out the great reviews at Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Once for all vegetable slicer mandoline

This mandoline slicer uses a very similar motion as our top pick, making it equally safe to operate  because the blades stay hidden.  It’s available in 3 different colors to match your kitchen and can do all sorts of different cuts.  There’s a know for controlling thickness with 8 settings from 0.5mm up to 8mm.  Last but not least, probably our favorite feature… it collapses for storage in your drawers or cabinets, making it a cinch to hide in your kitchen.  

Fullstar vegetable chopper & mandoline

This is the most fully-functional vegetable mandoline slicer we could find.  It is a chopper, slicer, dicer, egg separater & slicer, peeler, and juicer all in one.  On top of that, there are 11 different blades that can be used with it for all types of additonal cuts.  While this model from Fullstar does have an exposed blade, they do ship this slicer with a pair of protective, cut-resistant gloves to make it safer to use.

Bron Coucke Classic Chefs Mandoline

This is the original Bron mandoline slicer that’s made in France.  This high-end slicer is built to last.  Most often used in professional kitchens due to the shear volume of slicing needed, this stainless steel mandoline is quite durable.  This awesome tool is perfect for slicing vegetables, hard fruits, meats, and cheeses.  It can slice, chip, waffle, julienne, and ripple cut.  Its thickness is also adjustable so there is no need to swap blades in and out all the time, making this mandoline safer than most. 

prep naturals adjustable mandoline slicer and spiralizer

This is one of the most popular mandolines available for sale.  It’s partly due to the shear number of functions this cool little device can do.  It’s so much more than just a mandoline slicer.  It will also spiralize and julienne veggies, grate cheese, and do ribbon cuts.  It’s also easy to adjust the thickness with a small switch and even easier to catch all the slices with the included container that attaches directly to the mandoline.  The other reason it’s very popular… the price-point.  This is a very budget-friendly option and worth a look.  It also comes with gloves and a food holder for safety.

Mandoline Slicer Buying Guide


It’s almost humorous how many different types of mandolines exist on the market today.  Like I said above, all different shapes and sizes.  But, our major concern at BladeAdvisor is trying to help you identify the best mandoline slicer that’s also safe to use in your kitchen.  Mandoline mishaps aren’t fun, and they can be quite dangerous if you’re not sure what you’re doing… or more likely, you’re just not paying enough attention to what you’re doing.  Yes, even we’ve had these mishaps, and thus the reason for this guide.

These are the critical few items that will assist you in finding the best, and safest mandoline that you can without breaking your budget.  Not surprisingly, they are also how we chose mandolines for our list above.  They include blade exposure, safety tools, thickness adjustment, storage, catching the slices, and speed.

mandoline with exposed blade

Blade Exposure

Many traditional mandoline slicers have an exposed blade like shown in the picture here.  This can be very dangerous if your hand slips as you’re stroking a vegetable back and forth over the blade.  There have been several new-fangled designs that have come out in recent years that cover the blade and allow you to slice veggies much more safely.  

Safety Tools

One way to get around the dangerous exposed blade is to provide the user with some sort of safety tool to hold the food with while swiping back and forth over the blade.  This usually comes in one of two forms.  1.  Something similar to what’s pictured here or 2. a pair of cut-resistant gloves that will protect your hands in the event of a slip.

food holder for mandoline
slice thickness adjustment knob

Thickness Adjustment

Some mandolines require pre-set, fixed blades to be swapped out in order to change the slice thickness.  This is a poor design in our opinion for multiple reasons.  Needing to handle additional blades is an unnecessary saftey risk, but it also means you’ll need somewhere to store all the extra blades.  An adjustment knob or switch is much better!


When buying a mandoline slicer, don’t forget to consider where you’ll be storing it.  Some slicers are big and bulky.  The best mandolines fold up and become very compact for storage in a drawer or cabinet.  Most people don’t have kitchen storage space, and therefore need to conserve whenever possible.

mandoline folded up and put in drawer for storage
container catching slices of food

Slice Catcher

They’re probably not really called slice catchers, but I think you get the point.  Some designs don’t allow for any way to catch the slices as they come off the mandoline.  In the past, I’ve resorted to trying to wedge a plate underneath, but that doesn’t work well.  The design shown here is nice, but there are several different ways to do it.

Slicing Speed

It’s not a race, and we certainly don’t want you to rush and get hurt.  But, if you think about it, the real reason you’d use a mandoline slicer over a knife is to make more consistent slices faster.  If you only need 2-3 slices of something, you’re not going to pull out the mandoline for that task.  The stand-up push rod-style like the ones at the top of our best mandoline list allows for a quick and easy motion for slicing over and over.

fast push rod for stand-up mandoline slicer


Okay so it’s not rocket science to buy a mandoline, but there are several different designs, some with dangerous safety flaws in our opinion.  The guide above should help you identify the best (and safest) slicer for your kitchen.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about mandolines and hope you’ll stay to check out our kitchen knives reviews.

As a quick reminder, we chose the Dash Safe Slicer as our top mandoline.  We encourage you to check one out today!

Our Epicurean Review: The Most Useful Sanitary Cutting Board

Our Epicurean Review: The Most Useful Sanitary Cutting Board

Epicurean Review - Most Sanitary Cutting Board

Epicurean Review:  The Most Useful Sanitary Cutting Board

By Bobby B.  |  September 30, 2020  | Knife Accessories

Cutting boards all look the same and most home chefs just buy the cheapest one they can find.  But there are a few of us that are a bit more concerned about things like… the best cutting board material, the most sanitary cutting board, and fitting for BladeAdvisor, the cutting board that is best for our knives! 

Well after years of trying all sorts of different products from plastic to glass, wood to bamboo, our current favorite is the Epicurean cutting board, and we’ve decided to share our thoughts and write a bit of a review about them and how they’re different from the rest of the “me too” cutting boards available. 

Epicurean:  The Boards

When most consumers take a look at Epicurean’s cutting boards, they just assume they’re made of wood, but that’s not completely true.  Epicurean boards are actually made using Richlite.  It’s a wood-fiber composite material that has tons of properties that make it a great fit for our kitchens.  It’s technically many layers of paper that are all bonded with a food-safe resin that makes it very durable.  The final product can be layered and/or colored to match anyone’s style.

In addition to the features described below, Epicurean cutting boards come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors.  There is some combination of board that will fit your needs, I can almost assure you of that.  You can find reviews on each of our favorite Epicurean cutting boards below.

Dishwasher Safe

Being dishwasher safe is perhaps one of the most important features in cutting boards sold today.  We’re all so busy going here and there, taking care of kids, or whatever hobbies you have.  It seems no one has time to stop and hand wash their dishes these days.  Not to mention, most dishwashers have a sanitize setting that assists in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.

best dishwasher safe cutting board
most sanitary cutting board

Non-Porous / Sanitary / Resists Stains

Speaking of bacteria, or the lack thereof, Richlite is a non-porous material.  This means that it’s impervious to water and other liquids.  Like glass and plastics, this is one of the reasons Epicurean makes some of the most sanitary cutting boards.  For the same reason, Richlite is also stain-resistant, keeping your cutting boards looking great for years to come.

Heat Resistant

Epicurean cutting boards have been reviewed to be heat resistant up to 350 degrees Farenheit.  This means you can save your expensive counter tops by using your boards as a trivet, or  wooden pot holder.  They won’t melt like plastic cutting boards.  It’s just one less thing you have to think about with their products.  They even make pizza peels out of Richlite!

heat resistant Epicurean pizza peel
best cutting board made in USA

Knife Friendly & Made in the USA

Kitchen knives will stay sharp longer when using Epicurean cutting boards.  While they are harder than wood cutting boards, knives score the surface more easily, meaning it won’t dull the knives like traditional boards, especially those made of glass and other very hard materials.

What’s more is that all Epicurean products are MADE IN THE USA!  This is a huge plus to those of us living in the United States.   I know we get tons of requests specifically about the top American made kitchen knives we’ve reviewed.

>Sustainable Product

Epicurean cutting boards are no only durable, but they’re also made with environmental safety in mind.  Epicurean has a company-wide eco initiative commitment.  They use sustainable manufacturing practices that minimize and recycle waste.  The product is non-toxic, and uses materials that have a low carbon footprint.  All Richlite products are Greenguard and FSC certified and are made from 100% recycled products to waste-to-energy technology.

cutting board made with 100% recycled materials
NSF tested and approved cutting board

NSF Tested & Approved

According to the Epicurean, their boards and kitchen tools will not harbor bacteria.  This is another reason we believe this is the most useful sanitary cutting board around.  The NSF (National Science Foundation) is responsible for testing products to ensure they meat public health and safety standards.  Most Epicurean boards have been both tested and approved by NSF!  Being nonporous means you can easily wash the board and clear any contaminants.  And being dishwasher safe, it’s never been easier to do just that.

Epicurean Cutting Board Reviews

As mentioned at the outset, Epicurean manufactures cutting boards in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and colors.  There really is something for everyone.  We mention this because while we chose our favorite cutting boards to review below, each one typically comes in additional sizes and colors than those shown in the review.  To see all the options and to see more information, click on the “check price” button (an affiliate link) to be taken to the Amazon product page that shows all the size and color options, along with any customer reviews for additional insight into the product.

Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board Review

Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

The Kitchen Series cutting board by Epicurean is their signature product.  It’s thin, lightweight, durable, and maintenance free.  Like all of their cutting boards, the Kitchen Series boards are NSF certified so they can be used at home or in a commercial kitchen.  These boards come in 3 colors and 4 sizes.  Yes, they’re dishwasher safe!  They also carry a lifetime warranty and are also one of the best cutting boards for your knives.

We love the fact that this cutting board is eco-friendly and safe for your family (won’t harbor bacteria or absorb odors) at the same time.  It’s size and weight make it easy to store and handle in the kitchen, and the price isn’t outrageous either.  We find that the Richlite cutting boards to be an asset to any kitchen.  It’s also pretty cool that it’s dual-sided.

Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board Review

Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board Review

While Epicurean’s Gourmet Series cutting boards are not generally as popular as the aforementioned Kitchen Series, we actually prefer it.  The likely reason it’s not sold as often is due to the cost.  At the time of this review, the cost of the Gourmet cutting board is nearly twice that of the Kitchen Series board.  What’s the difference?  Well, you see the black trough around the edge in the picture above?  It’s made to collect the juices while you’re cutting so you don’t make a huge mess on your counter tops.  Epicurean calls it a “juice groove.”

Meats have juices that spill out when you cut into them and this grove ensures it stays in a safe place, especially if you’re cutting raw meat, chicken, fish, etc.  In this case, it helps keep things sanitary in your kitchen.  Fruits, especially melons (think about a watermelon), have tons of juice that comes out of them when you slice them up.  This groove really earns its keep when slicing melons!

The Gourmet Series cutting boards come in 3 colors and 4 different sizes, and the sizes are larger than that of the Kitchen Series boards shown above.  These boards really get the job done and will be the last cutting board you should ever need, but because of its functionality and because it has a lifetime warranty. 

Other Epicurean Cutting Board Options

Other Epicurean Kitchen Products

Epicurean is certainly best known for the amazing Richlite cutting boards you saw and read about above, but that’s not all they make.  They make all sorts of different kitchen products with this same durable material, including pizza peels and cutters, serving boards, and cooking utensils.  Of course they have all the great properties and features discussed above.  They’re sanitary, heat resistant, made in American…you get the point.  Since this is an Epicurean cutting board review, we aren’t going to go into all the other product specifics, but they’re really cool and worth checking out, so here’s a link.

>>  Shop Epicurean Kitchen Products on Amazon  <<

Epicurean:  The Brand & Culture

Epicurean’s history is an odd one.  Believe it or not, prior to making cutting boards, they produced custom skate parts using the same material they use in the cutting boards, Richlite.  Of course the ramps of a public skate part take a beating  between all the skaters and the weather.  This is yet another testament to the durability of this great material! 

As a company, they’ve always tried to be as eco-friendly as possible.  When the looked for a way to use the scrap materials from the skate parks, they found that the Richlite was perfect for making cutting boards as gifts for friends and family.  Not only was it durable, but also food safe and could be placed in the dishwasher, unlike bamboo cutting boards.  Everyone loved their “scrap” cutting boards and demand soared!  Fast forward a bit and now they’re making cutting boards and other kitchen utensils, and pretty good at it.

They  are still an eco-friendly brand.  Not only are their products made from a sustainable, responsible material, but they even minimize and recycle waste as much as they can in their manufacturing processes.  

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

The Best Magnetic Knife Holder: 2021 Quick Guide

By Bobby B.  |  Updated Jan. 5, 2021  | Knife Accessories

Magnetic knife holders are an extremely useful tool for your kitchen.  They are an inexpensive way to keep your knives stored safely and close to where you need them.  Knife storage is always an important topic and one consumers care a great deal about.  It can affect everything from kitchen organization, convenience, and safety to the longevity of your kitchen knives.  The best magnetic knife holder is one that matches your home’s decor, fits where you need it, and has magnets strong enough to hold all of your knives safely on the wall.    

6 Advantages of Magnetic Knife Holders

There are several reasons consumers like to buy magnetic knife holders.  The alternatives are typically a knife block or your sharp knives tucked away in a drawer.  Both of these options have some major drawbacks.  Knife blocks take up valuable counter top space in your kitchen and can also be a breeding ground for bacteria if knives are put away with moisture still on them.  It’s obviously quite dangerous to be rummaging through drawers full of extremely sharp knives.

magnetic strip for knives

1. Convenience

The best magnetic knife holders are versatile and can be mounted easily almost anywhere in your kitchen.  This means that you can locate your knives close to where you need them, making it more convenient and less time consuming to find the right knife since you’ll be able to see each blade quickly and easily.

2. Affordable

Magnetic knife strips are an inexpensive kitchen accessory and one of the least costly knife storage solutions available.  Most range in price between $15-$50, but some of the nicer ones can cost a bit more if trying to match specific wood colors and other decor in your home.

3. Personal Safety

Hanging knives out of reach of young children that might be in your home and not loose in a drawer is a much safer solution than the alternative.

4. Food Safety

If not completely dry or clean, knives going into a knife block can grow bacteria and potentially cause illness.  By leaving knives in the open air on a magnetic bar, they will able to dry, preventing mold and bacteria growth.  A magnetic knife holder is the most hygienic option.

5. Saves Space

A wall mounted knife holder takes up very little space.  Knife blocks hinder your counter top space and placing knives in drawers takes away from valuable space that could be used to store other items in your kitchen.

6. Protect Your Knives

Good kitchen knives are a significant investment for most of us.  You should make the most of that investment and protect your knives.  Shoving all together in a drawer can prematurely dull your blades or otherwise damage your knives.  Similarly, placing them in a knife block when they aren’t completely dry can cause knives with high-carbon content in them (think sushi knives) to rust.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Okay, now that you know why you need a magnetic knife holder, it’s time to name names.  The BladeAdvisor team has once again scoured the web, read customer feedback, and gauged popularity to help you determine which products to buy.  Magnetic knife holders are no different.  If you find that you have questions about how to best choose the right knife bar for your home specifically, check out our buying guide below for additional assistance.  It can be found right below these magnetic knife holder reviews 

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder by wooDsom

This wooden magnetic knife holder is definitely a good one!  You can purchase it in lengths from 8″ on up to 36″, and even request a custom length right on Amazon.  So there should be no issue finding one that fits in any spot of your kitchen.  In addition to all the length options, this bar is offered in at least 10 different wood types including maple, oak, walnut, birdseye maple, butcher block (as shown above), cherry, hickory, wenge, alder, rustic maple (only 12″), and purpleheart.  THIS HOLDER IS MADE IN THE USA!!!  It comes complete with a mounting kit and the holes are finished off with matching wood plus (included).  If you care more about being happy with your purchase than you do about saving a few bucks, this is the best magnetic knife holder for you!

2. Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder

Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder

The Ouddy magnetic knife holder is a popular option.  It’s sleek, modern, clean-looking, and very affordable.  The social proof on this choice is unwavering with thousands of positive reviews at Amazon along.  The install is clean and easy with 2 hidden screws on the back of the unit (mounting hardware is included).  It’s a 16-inch long magnetic bar and comes standard in stainless steel.  Basic and simple, yet gets the job done.  There is also a wood option as well.  Ouddy offers a risk free purchase, meaning that will issue a full refund or replacement if you’re not satisfied with what you receive.  

Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

This magnetic knife strip is unique with it’s double bar look and included utensil hooks so you can hang more stuff, even if it’s not metal!  This space saving magnetic knife strip perfect for any kitchen, bar, or workshop.  It’s heavy-duty stainless steel won’t corrode or rust.  It’s easy to install and even includes all the necessary hardware.  It also includes the 6 utensil hooks needed to mount those items that are will not be attracted to the magnet.  This particular option comes in an 18-inch length, but there are similar ones on Amazon that can be found in 12-inch and 24-inch lengths as well.

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder Review

Sometimes hanging your knives on the wall is just not convenient.  For these instances, we recommend this magnetic contraption.  This is the best magnetic knife block we could find.  Traditional knife blocks can grow bacteria if knives get put away wet into those tiny slots where air doesn’t circulate.  They can also slightly dull your knife blade as you drag the sharp edge against the wood block over and over and over.  With this magnetic knife block from Coninx, you don’t have to worry about either of these things.  The only downside is that it can only hold a few knives.  You might need a couple of these if you have a large collection of knives. 

10 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

This smaller 10 inch magnetic knife holder has a black, silicone exterior to give a different look from all the stainless steel and wood magnetic strips available.  This one is quite short, but actually works well for more than just knives.  As you can see by looking at the listing at Amazon, it can also be used as a key holder, or even for tools in your workshop.  Like most of the other options on this page, this knife strip comes with the necessary mounting hardware to get it installed on your wall.

Ikea Magnetic Knife Strip

Another simplistic-looking stainless steel option is the Ikea magnetic knife holder.  There’s not much new to report here that we didn’t talk about with the Ouddy bar above.  This one from Ikea is very similar, but has the name brand “Ikea” behind it.  The size of the stainless steel magnetic strip is 15-3/4″ long x 1-3/8″ tall and it does come with the mounting hardware required to put it on your wall.

Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder

This bamboo magnetic knife holder is very nice looking wood option for mounting your knives to the wall closer to where you need them.  There are slots on the back for screwing it to the wall (both screws and anchors are included).  This particular magnetic bar for knives comes in walnut and maple, as well as the bamboo model shown above.  In addition, it’s offered in a 16 inch length and an 18 inch length so you can pick whichever fits your kitchen better.  Last but not least, the magnet in this magnetic strip will allow for having knives or keys.  If you have other bamboo accessories in your kitchen, this holder will go great with your home’s decor.

Magnetic Knife Holder Guide

We hope you were able to find the perfect wall mounted knife holder for your home in our list above.  If you weren’t, we’ve created the section below to help you know what to look for in order to better help yourself find what you need.  These are the factors the BladeAdvisor team used when selecting the top magnet knife bar above.  They’re also what you can use to determine which categories are most important to you. 

measuring tape


The overall length of the knife holder is probably the single most important factor to consider when buying a magnetic strip for your knives.  Obviously no matter how much you like the design or look of a knife strip, you won’t be able to use it if it doesn’t fit in the area you have designated for it.  First, measure the area in question, keeping in mind that you’ll likely want to have a little bare space on either end of the strip.  Then bring that measurement back and find one that fits the best.  Magnetic strips to hold knives typically come in multiples of 2″ increments and start around 8″ and go up to roughly 36″.  Clicking here is a good place to start your search.  You can narrow your search by length with options on the left side of the screen.

material samples


It should seem natural that material of a wall-mounted knife holder would be important to you, really no different than the material of a picture frame or other home decor item would.  Is your kitchen more modern or industrial looking?  Do you have all stainless appliances?  In these cases, perhaps a sleek and clean stainless magnetic knife bar will suit your needs.  They tend to be less costly due to their ability to be mass-produced in a factory somewhere.

On the other hand, traditionalists tend to like lots of wood in their homes.  As you might have noticed above, some magnet strips for knives are made in as many as 5 or 10 different wood options.  This is not as easy or cheap to make, but you really only need one bar and they’re not that expensive, so you might as well get the one that matches, right?  In fact, wooden magnetic knife holders actually have a slight advantage over their stainless steel counterparts.  Resting your knife blades against wood rather than steel keeps it safe from any potential scratches.  Besides this, it’s as much about aesthetics as it is anything else. 

home decor example


The design and appearance are also an important factor when buying what you consider the best magnetic knife holder.  For reasons very similar to those we mentioned above in the material category, you probably want the knife strip to match the decor and general appearance of everything else in your home and/or kitchen area. 

Again, this really is personal preference.  This is one reason we tried to populate the list above with great options in a multitude of materials, finishes, and colors.  There’s no right or wrong design selection as long as you like what you’re picking out.  There’s no skill involved here, so it’s easy.  Just pick out what you like!

installation handyman

Easy Installation

Of course you should only buy a magnetic knife strip that you’ll be able to easily install.  Some can be so complicated that it’s not even worth attempting to install it.  In the list of reviews above, BladeAdvisor only chose knife magnet strips that state they come with all the necessary hardware for easy installation.  Note, even then, there are varying degrees of installation with these holders. 

Some have a piece that mounts directly to the wall and then the front section covers it.  Some wood options also screw direction into the wall and have plugs that cover the screws.  Both of these types are simple and easy to hang.  Others require that you put two screws a certain distance apart (and keep them level), only to try and then hang the entire holder on these screws.  This takes lot of patience and requires some accuracy or it won’t look right.

strong magnets

Strong Magnets

A knife holder having strong magnets is important so it will adequately hold all of your knives.  Larger, forged knives with full bolsters can be really heavy when you start to add several of them to the same strip.  You of course want to make sure that your new holder will hold them all without dropping any of your potentially expensive knives.

How do you know if the holder has strong magnets?  Most of the descriptions all say “strong magnets”, or something similar.  The best way to identify if the magnets are adequate is to read the reviews listed for a given magnetic knife strip, assuming it’s been purchased previously.  You can use these to make sure there aren’t negative feedback reviews that state the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold knives.  It’s as easy as that!


It clearly doesn’t take much effort or “know how” to select one of the top magnetic knife holders.  There are many options available on Amazon that could make you happy.  We’ve educated you and now also armed you with a guide on how you can also be the expert when buying one.  Just follow the 4-step process we outlined above and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the knife magnets that fit your needs best.  Good luck!

We of course think that the Magnetic Knife Holder by WoodSum is the best option!  Grab one today!

Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpener 2021

by Bobby B.  |  Updated Jan. 6, 2021  |  Sharpeners

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur cook, a professional chef, or you just need to get dinner made for the kids, everyone gets frustrated with using a dull knife!  The best electric knife sharpener models make sure you will no longer have to work like that.  You’ll always have nice sharp knives for slicing and dicing with a razor-sharp edge.

A common myth we hear is that if you just get good kitchen knives, you’ll never have to sharpen them again.  Although it’s true that high quality steel knives will stay sharp longer, they will still dull over time and need to be sharpened.  The most efficient, quickest way to do this without any special skills is with an electric knife sharpener.

In a hurry?  Here are our favorites for the 3 best electric knife sharpeners…

 Best Electric Knife Sharpener

 Chef’s Choice 15
Trizor XV EdgeSelect

Top Features:

  • 3-stage sharpener
  • Sharpens serrated knives
  • Increases blade life

Price:  Click Here

Best Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric Sharpener

Top Features:

  • 3-stage sharpener
  • Easy to use
  • Great for Wusthof knives

Price:  Click Here

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener: Ken Onion

 Work Sharp Knife &
Tool Sharpener

Top Features:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Adjustable angles
  • Also works on tools 

Price:  Click Here

Who Needs An Electric Knife Sharpener?

Electric knife sharpeners come in all shapes and sizes as you can see.  Some are complex machines with multiple stages and angles, while others are very basic and less sophisticated.  We cover the many reasons why consumers choose to buy an electric sharpener in the comprehensive buying guide below. 

As a brief introduction however, the most common reason is because they are fast and easy to use.  They require no real skill to get a perfect edge on your knife.  In fact, many of the best electric knife sharpeners are able to sharpen more than just your standard kitchen knives.  As you’ll see below, some can also sharpen pocket knives, hunting knives, and in some cases, even scissors and other blades.

Without an electric sharpener, you need to understand all the angles and other tricks for blade sharpening.  These often depend on what knives you have and other factors.  Electric knife sharpeners remove much of the guess work and shorten both the learning curve and the amount of time it takes to get your blades sharpened.  Compare that to the mail-order blade sharpening services some companies offer.  These requests can take weeks to get your knives back.  What are you supposed to use while they’re gone?  

Why a “Best Electric Knife Sharpener” List?

Electric knife sharpeners should not be an inexpensive kitchen gadget that will that will get tossed in the garbage in a couple of months because it doesn’t work.  Just so you know, there are many of these types of knife sharpeners available, so watch out.  Electric knife sharpeners are an investment, and they should be treated as such.  Buying a good knife sharpener will ensure it stands the test of time and is flexible enough to do all the jobs you need it to do. 

The BladeAdvisor team wrote the buying guide below to help you understand what to look for when purchasing an electric sharpener, how they can help you in the kitchen, and which one sharpens best.  We cover the stages, the angles, the features, and the benefits.  But before the guide, here’s our top 10 electric knife sharpener reviews.  These reviews cover many of the top rated knife sharpener models provide details from actual customer feedback and reviews.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

1. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Sharpener

Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener


This professional electric knife sharpener is for anyone who cares about their knives and wants to keep them sharp.  This is a 3-stage sharpener, making it versatile enough to quickly sharpen very dull blades and also be able to touch up those that are just becoming dull.  The Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV makes blade sharpening easy and simple with automatic guides and provides ultra-sharp 15 degree edges.  For these reasons and more, this is one of the most popular electric sharpeners.  It receives great feedback and reviews from most consumers who use it.


  • 3-Stage sharpener
  • Easy to use
  • 100% diamond abrasives
  • Quiet operation
  • Also sharpens serrated knives
  • Made in USA
  • 3 year warranty


  • Sharpens to 15 degrees only


The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV professional electric knife sharpener provides a great value to the customer.  In our opinion, it’s also the best serrated knife sharpener.  Many other sharpeners of this caliber are priced 50%-100% higher than this one.  It also converts your old 20 degree edges into high-performance Trizor XV 15 degree edges.  Your knives have never been so sharp! 

2. Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof Electirc Knife Sharpener


Wüsthof is a world-renowned knife manufacturer based out of Germany that has been in business for over 200 years!  Their PEtec (Precision Edge Technology) blades offer an extremely sharp cutting edge along the entire length of the blade.  This Wüsthof knife sharpener brings these, and other blades, back to a perfect 14 degree sharpened edge.  

  • 3-Stage sharpener
  • Easy to use
  • Also sharpens serrated knives
  • One-Touch pre-programmed controls
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Designed more for Western-style knives
  • More expensive than other options


The Wusthof “Easy Edge” electric sharpener is the perfect match if you’re using Wusthof-brand knives or a “Western-style” blade edge for your cutting.  We like that rather than trying to build a sharpener themselves, Wusthof teamed up with the experts and had Chef’s Choice make it for them.   

3. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener - Ken Onion Edition Review


Work Sharp’s Knife and Tool Sharpener is a versatile sharpener that works on kitchen knives, but also almost every other type of knife, including most pocket knives and hunting knives.  In addition, it will sharpen scissors and does tool sharpening.  Some of these tools include, but are not limited to axes, shovels, shears, scrapers, lawn mower blades and more!  To be this flexible, it has coarse, medium, and fine abrasive belts and accommodates a wide array of edge angles.  This tool will sharpen almost every blade you own!


  • Most versatile electric sharpener
  • Sharpens tool edges along with knives
  • Multiple stage abrasive belts
  • Adjustable angle guide, 15-30 degrees
  • Variable speed motor
  • Premium flexible abrasive belts
  • Made in USA 


  • Not likely to reside in a kitchen
  • 1 year warranty


The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener is THE electric sharpener to have in your tool arsenal.  If you’re looking for an edge sharpener for your tool shop, this is it, bar none!  On the flip-side, if your idea is to keep your electric knife sharpener in the kitchen, this probably isn’t the best choice on the list as it’s more of a “tool” than a kitchen gadget.  If this Ken Onion Edition is out of your budget, consider the less-expensive, Original Knife & Tool Sharpener with a few less features.

4. Work Sharp E3 Electric Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp E3 Electric Knife Sharpener Review


The Work Sharp E3 comes with two modes, one to sharpen dull blades and another to touch-up and smooth out edges.  It’s marketed as the only kitchen knife sharpener to use flexible sharpening belts, which is the same technology that knife manufacturers and professional sharpening services use.  This gives your old, worn-out knives a factory-new, sharp edge in this fixed angle knife sharpener.


  • Uses flexible sharpening belts
  • Versatile – sharpens many different knives
  • Ceramic honing rod included in purchase
  • 2 speeds (dull knife or touch-ups)
  • Guides make sharpening easy
  • 3 year warranty


  • Only sharpens to a 17 degree edge angle
  • Not made for serrated blades


Work Sharp’s E3 Sharpener is a slightly different technology than many of the other sharpeners on this list.  It uses the flexible belts rather than the stages of abrasives.  The guides make it nice and easy to use and  are set at a 17 degree angle.  This is a good compromise between the durability of Western knives and the precision sharpness of Eastern knives. 

5. Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Sharpener

Chefs Choice 1520 EdgeSelect Review


The Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Diamond Hone Professional Electric Knife Sharpener works on both 15 degree (Asian-style) and 20 degree (American/European) angles, both fine and serrated edges.  Like the Trizor XV, it has 3-stages for sharpening, honing, and polishing with 100% diamond abrasives in the first two stages to give you a better than factory edge.


  • Can sharpen to two different angles
  • Easy to use compared to other multi-angle sharpeners
  • Accommodates serrated blades
  • Made in USA 
  • 3 year warranty


  • Relatively expensive
  • Multiple angles rarely needed in same kitchen


This model is very similar to our favorite electric knife sharpener, the Trizor XV.  Really the big difference between the two is that the 1520 Edge Select has the ability to choose between two angles and therefore is a bit more expensive.  Since it’s not common that the same kitchen has two different styles of knives, we don’t think it’s needed for the extra money.  However if this fits your situation, you might find it worthwhile.    

6. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Sharpener

Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener 130


This Chef’s Choice knife sharpener is another 3-stage version from this great producer of electric sharpeners.  This particular model is a fixed angle knife sharpener, utilizing a 20 degree sharpening angle guide.  It uses diamond abrasives in stage 1, super-hardened steel in stage 2, and flexible stropping disks in stage 3.


  • 3-Stage sharpener
  • Easy to use
  • Creates long lasting edges
  • Also sharpens serrated knives
  • Made in USA
  • 3 year warranty


  • Fixed 20 degree sharpening angle
  • Can take some time getting used to


This professional Chef’s Choice knife sharpener, 130 platinum version is in our opinion, the best looking good knife sharpener on the market.  It’s sleek and clean design will fit right in with your kitchen, but still has the 3-stage technology you know we love.

7. Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Tormek T2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener


The Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener is a high-end, professional knife sharpener typically found in a chef’s kitchen.  You can set your angle and produce a razor sharp edge on the slow, 600-grit diamond wheel.  


  • Can set your edge angle
  • Uses diamond wheel
  • Professional sharpener
  • Sharpening angle guide
  • 7 year warranty


  • Very expensive
  • Can take some time getting used to


If price were not a thing, the Tormek T-2 is really the best knife sharpener on the list.  But, since it is one of the top considerations most consumers use in selecting an electric sharpener, it’s a bit farther down.  What else can we say?  You can’t beat this sharpener and you can’t beat the 7 year warranty.  Where else can you find any product with a warranty like that these days?  That alone tells you the quality of craftsmanship in this sharpener.

8. Presto EverSharp 08810 Professional Sharpener

Presto EverSharp Knife Sharpener


The Presto EverSharp Professional Edition (model no. 08810) is a 3-stage electric knife sharpener that allows for some flexibility in blade width.  You can select the thickness of the blade-type to adjust the sharpening angle guide rails.  Click below to see the video that shows more detail.


  • 3-Stage sharpener
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable angle guides
  • Accommodates sport knives 


  • Sapphirite grinding wheels
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in China


This professional Chef’s Choice knife sharpener, 130 platinum version is in our opinion, the best looking good knife sharpener on the market.  It’s sleek and clean design will fit right in with your kitchen, but still has the 3-stage technology you know we love.

9. Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone

Chefs Choice 320 Diamond Hone


The Chef’s Choice 320 2-stage electric knife sharpener both sharpens and polishes blades of different shapes and sizes, including sport knives and those with serrated blades.  The sharpening angle guide is fixed and set to 20 degrees for Western-type knives.


  • Easy to use
  • 100% diamond honing
  • Accommodates sport knives 
  • Accommodates serrated knives
  • Made in USA


  • Fixed angle knife sharpener at 20 degrees
  • Only 2 stages
  • 1 year warranty


This is another good knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice.  This one receives the highest marks and consumer feedback despite only having 2 stages.  It is an inexpensive option to get into a Chef’s Choice sharpener that will do many of the same functions the more expensive models we’ve reviewed can do.   

10. Chef’s Choice 270 Hybrid Knife Sharpener

Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener Review 270 Hybrid


The Chef’s Choice Hybrid 270 sharpener combines electric stages 1 and 2 with a manual third stage for polishing/honing the blade after it’s sharpened.  Like other Chefs Choice knife sharpeners, it’s high quality and made in the USA.


  • Electric stages 100% diamond abrasives
  • Accommodates serrated knives
  • Made in USA


  • Fixed angle knife sharpener at 20 degrees
  • 2 stages electric, 1 stage manual
  • 1 year warranty


Yes, yet another Chef’s Choice knife sharpener review to round out our top 10 best electric knife sharpener list.  The BladedAdvisor team thinks this is a great way to save money and still get a 3-stage knife sharpener.  Yes, one of the stages is manual and we prefer it be electric, but if you can’t afford one of the more expensive models, this is a better option than an all manual knife sharpener in our eyes.

Curious how we came up with the order for the list above? 

We followed the selection process outlined below in our buying guide.  You can do the same thing and find the electric knife sharpener that best fits your needs.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener Buying Guide Image

Electric Knife Sharpeners:  The Complete Buying Guide

The BladeAdvisor team has shared our selections and reviews for the the best electric knife sharpener options.  Now it’s time for us to  discuss how you can you make a good buying decision for yourself.  This guide is intended to educate consumers on why you should consider an electric knife sharpener, what criteria to use when selecting the best model for your needs, and even show you how to use one.  We understand that just because you’re not a professional knife sharpener, that doesn’t mean you don’t want, or deserve, getting the best sharpener for your money.  

Reasons To Buy An Electric Knife Sharpener

There are many ways to sharpen knives including different rods, sharpening stones, and other manual devices.  They even make self-sharpening knives.  So why should you invest in an electric knife sharpener that costs more than most of these other options? 

That’s a great question!  There are several reasons why actually.  

Here are a few of the most common reasons why consumers buy electric knife sharpeners:

Easy To Use

The best electric knife sharpeners are simple and easy to operate and require no previously acquired skill to use.  They basically require the user to slide a knife in a slot and the sharpener does all the work.  The slots are often angled in such a way that the user can’t mess it up.  This is not true with most manual sharpeners where you can damage expensive knives if not used correctly.  Using a traditional sharpening stone requires years of practice and built-up skill to perfect.  


Professionals might be able to manually do a good job at sharpening their knives, but for the rest of us, a good electric sharpener will ensure we do it right.  The sharpeners in the list above are made to sharpen knives to better than factory standards. 

Sharp Santoku Knife

Saves Time

Attempting to cut with dull knives consumes time you’ll never get back.  So does trying to sharpen said knives with a manual sharpener, hoping to get it right.  Using an electric knife sharpener is quick and easy.  You just plug it in, turn it on, and drag the dulling knife through the slots.  If it hasn’t been long since you’ve last sharpened the knife, this will only take a few seconds.    

Saves Money

Besides your time, an electric sharpener will also save you money!  Everyone likes saving money, right?  Rather than throwing out old, expensive knives, you can sharpen them so the blades are like new again.  In many cases, the best electric knife sharpeners can actually make sharp blades that are better than new!


As you’ve seen in our detailed reviews above, many of the best electric knife sharpeners will work on a wide variety of knives, including kitchen knives, pocket knives, and even hunting knives.  Do you need a serrated knife sharpener?  Some sharpeners will even sharpen scissors and other tools.  Buying a sharpener that can cover a wide variety of blades makes it a more valuable tool for you, helping justify your investment. 

Sharp Serrated Bread Knife

Makes Life Easier

Dull knives make every cooking task that much more difficult.  We just don’t have time these days to mess around with dull knives that require using too much force and potentially slipping off food and cutting us.  We aren’t all chefs of experts in the art of sharpening with a stone or honing with a rod.  Electric knife sharpeners just make blade sharpening a quick and simple task, even for a novice if you follow the instructions that come with it.


Another top reason for using an electric knife sharpener is your safety.  This should be obvious, but knives that are being sharpened are well, sharp!  They can cut you if you’re not careful with them.  An electric sharpener is made to simplify the task of sharpening a knife and to let the machine do the hard work.  If you follow the instructions included with your device, even a beginner can make a sharper, longer lasting edge on a knife blade with less manipulation and chance of cutting yourself in the process.

Before You Buy

Before you just go out and buy one of these bad boys, make sure you know what you’re getting and understand what it can do to your knives.  First, make sure you find and read through many knife sharpening tips online to understand edge angles and which abrasives to use for what blades and when.  For example, If you’re not careful and you sharpen a high-quality knife in stage-1 of a 3-stage sharpener that doesn’t match the angle on your blade, you will re-shape and change the angle from the factory.  In some cases, that’s just fine.  In others, you ruined an expensive knife!  

Selecting the Top Electric Knife Sharpener

Not sure what you’re looking at when talking about electric knife sharpeners?  That’s okay, don’t worry.  The BladeAdvisor team will help to educate you enough to feel good about your purchase.  There are so many options, all with different features and benefits.  No one person is an expert in every field, so we’ll help you with this one. 

Below are some of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking for an electric knife sharpener.  These are exactly the criteria we used in choosing the best sharpeners for the recommendations and electric knife sharpener reviews listed above, with a special emphasis on a couple of them.   

Number of Sharpening Stages

The number of stages a sharpener has is closely related to the cost of the device, mainly because as the manufacturer adds stages, they also add complexity and additional components.  In most 3-stage knife sharpeners like the one you see here, stage 1 is for course sharpening of dull or damaged blades.  Stage 2 does fine honing on the blade, while stage 3 is for touching up and polishing the blade.  Those that have fewer stages will not do as nice of a job on your knives.  There are a few belt knife sharpeners that don’t use the staged concept, and they work well too.  However, BladeAdvisor believes that the best knife sharpener is one that has 3-stages for the functions mentioned above.  

3 Stage Knife Sharpener
Kitchen Knife Sharpening Angle

Knife Sharpening Angles

Edge angles are something else you’ll want to keep an eye on when purchasing a sharpener.  Knives from different manufacturers comes from the factory with different edge angles.  Typically, knives made in the Western part of the world have larger angles (around 20 degrees) and are more durable.  Conversely, Asian-style knives more typically have smaller angles (around 15 degrees) and may seem sharper due to their thin profile, but the edge will likely last less time before it needs sharpened again.  Matching your sharpener to your favorite kitchen knife sharpening angle is the best bet.  As you saw in the list above, some of the best electric knife sharpeners can accommodate multiple knife edge angles.  Lower cost options include fixed-angle knife sharpener.  Either way, there should be a sharpening angle guide for the user to follow to remove the guesswork.


Sharpeners all use some type of abrasive material, whether in belts or disks that remove, hone, or polish the metal in your knives.  The most common abrasives include diamond, alumina ceramic, and carbide.  These are listed in hardness order, starting with the hardest material, diamond.  As they’re used in friction, these abrasive materials will wear down in time.  This another reason to purchase a good sharpener, which likely uses a harder abrasive material.  It’s worth checking before purchasing if the abrasive material can be replaced in a sharpener when it becomes worn down.  This is usually the case in models that use belts similar to those pictured here and those found in the Work Sharp electric knife and tool sharpeners discussed above.

Sharpening Abrasives
Collection of Kitchen Knives


Another thing to keep in mind when looking for a top rated knife sharpener is versatility.  Today you’re looking for sharp kitchen knives.  Tomorrow it might be your pocket knife or a pair of scissors.  Do you need a serrated knife sharpener?  Make sure to consider all the blades that you might want to sharpen before you spend your money.  This is one of the reasons the BladeAdvisor team took the time to research and write the electric knife sharpener reviews above, so you could see what each sharpener model could and could not do.  This includes angles covered, blades covered, and which one sharpens best.  Now is the time to think about all these things before spending your hard-earned cash on something that won’t take care of all your needs.

Price and Warranty

Yes, I’m going to use the cliché…”you get what you pay for.”  This is true in most things, and is also definitely true in the best rated knife sharpeners.  More expensive sharpeners use harder abrasives and have longer-lasting components, more stages, etc.  In addition to price, there is a large discrepancy in the warranty offered on several of the top rated sharpeners, including those on the list above.  While most sharpeners carry a 1 year limited warranty, there are several that have 3 year warranties, and a few that don’t list one at all.  The Tekmor T-2 on our list above actually carries a 7 year warranty!  Do you think Tekmor would offer that if the sharpener was junk or if it was going to break after a few blade sharpenings?  No, we don’t think so either. 

Knife Price and Warranty Image
Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

We left one of the best tools in searching for almost any produce these days and that’s ratings and reviews.  This could be helpful product reviews that compare different models like you read above, or direct consumer feedback ratings from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or Ebay.  Consumers are typically pretty honest in their feedback, attempting to build a good database of information for others that are looking to purchase those same products.  When you’re disappointed in something you’ve bought, you want to let others know about it so they don’t make the same mistake you did.  The same goes when a company goes above and beyond to fix an issue for you.  You want others to know so they can feel comfortable buying from the same people.  If most others are giving it a thumbs up, chances are, it’s a good product.  This is an extremely important and powerful tool in today’s online world!

How To Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

Although operating one may not immediately seem intuitive, learning how to use an electric knife sharpener is quick and easy to do.  Most of these machines were made with a novice consumer in mind.  One of the main reasons electric knife sharpeners exist in the first place is because we aren’t all a professional knife sharpener.  It’s a tool that simplifies blade sharpening.  Besides, we’ve already covered the selection process, and that was the hard part.  

Please keep in mind that each electric knife sharpener is different and each will have its own guidelines and nuances.  There is no replacement for the instructions that come with your particular sharpener, including this page.  This is meant as a generic guide to impress upon you how easy they can be to operate.  Not all electric knife sharpeners work the same way, and they can damage your knives if they are not used properly.        

As you can see in the video above, the process is very simple.  Here are the steps Chef Eric Crowley covered in case you missed anything. 

Using an Electric Knife Sharpener: Step-by-Step

1.   The Grip

Grip the knife with a standard grip, similar to if you were going to cut with it.

Knife Grip

2.   Angle Guides

For most electric sharpeners, there is no need to be concerned with the sharpening angle.  This is why the preset guides are there, assuming you purchased a good knife sharpener.  As we discussed above, this was one of the selection criteria when you were looking for the sharpener.  

Sharpening Angle Guide

3.   Stage 1

For really dull knives, pass the blade through slot-1 a few times on each side.  Fewer passes or no passes are needed in this slot if the blade is not very dull.  This is the coarse sharpening slot that reshapes the blade, so usage depends on the condition of the blade.  Follow the instructions that come with your sharpener for more guidance here.  Don’t over do it!

Electric Knife Sharpener - Stage 1

4.   Stage 2

The 2nd slot is for the fine honing on your blade.  Again a couple of passes on each side of the blade should suffice.  This stage is cleaning up the rough passes you made on the more coarse stage-1.

Electric Knife Sharpener - Stage 2

5.   Stage 3

For the final stage, you’re basically just polishing the edge to make it extra smooth.  Again, a couple passes on each side of the blade should be good.  

Electric Knife Sharpener - Stage 3

6.   Wash and Dry the Knife Blade

We’re almost done now, but don’t forget this very important last step.  Keep in mind that sharpening removes some metal in the process.  By thoroughly washing and drying the blade, you can make sure to wash away all of the filings prior to using it.  Some sharpeners may have magnets that assist in pulling them away from the edge, but this is still a necessary step to ensure all are gone.   

wash and dry knife blade

Best Electric Knife Sharpener:  The Final Cut

Time to start wrapping up.  We provided our best electric knife sharpener reviews and this list of our favorite 10 models.  You have had an opportunity to read through our comprehensive buying guide.  This included topics and detailed info on why you should consider an electric knife sharpener and what you should look for when buying one.  You even saw a video on how to use an electric knife sharpener.  

As a quick recap, looking for a sharpener that includes angle guides that match the angle you need or want on your knives is key.  After that, we recommend buying one that has 3-stages.  These typically include coarse sharpening for blade shaping, fine sharpening for cleaning up the edge, and a final polishing stage.  You want to make sure you find a sharpener that is versatile enough to cover most, if not all, of the knives you are going to want to sharpen.  The final step is to make sure you budget properly to invest in a good knife sharpener.  

The BladeAdvisor team chose the Chefs Choice Trizor XV as the best electric knife sharpener based on these criteria.  We’re not the only ones either.  Here’s a video from America’s Test Kitchen naming the exact same sharpener as their favorite!  I think we’re in good company.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our recommendations and buying guide on the best electric knife sharpeners.  We hope you enjoyed reading through them, but also learned a few things.  That was the point.  If you still have questions on something covered, or feel like we missed something all together, please feel free to contact as us the link below.  Thanks!