Best Magnetic Knife Holder

The Best Magnetic Knife Holder: 2021 Quick Guide

By Bobby B.  |  Updated Jan. 5, 2021  | Knife Accessories

Magnetic knife holders are an extremely useful tool for your kitchen.  They are an inexpensive way to keep your knives stored safely and close to where you need them.  Knife storage is always an important topic and one consumers care a great deal about.  It can affect everything from kitchen organization, convenience, and safety to the longevity of your kitchen knives.  The best magnetic knife holder is one that matches your home’s decor, fits where you need it, and has magnets strong enough to hold all of your knives safely on the wall.    

6 Advantages of Magnetic Knife Holders

There are several reasons consumers like to buy magnetic knife holders.  The alternatives are typically a knife block or your sharp knives tucked away in a drawer.  Both of these options have some major drawbacks.  Knife blocks take up valuable counter top space in your kitchen and can also be a breeding ground for bacteria if knives are put away with moisture still on them.  It’s obviously quite dangerous to be rummaging through drawers full of extremely sharp knives.

magnetic strip for knives

1. Convenience

The best magnetic knife holders are versatile and can be mounted easily almost anywhere in your kitchen.  This means that you can locate your knives close to where you need them, making it more convenient and less time consuming to find the right knife since you’ll be able to see each blade quickly and easily.

2. Affordable

Magnetic knife strips are an inexpensive kitchen accessory and one of the least costly knife storage solutions available.  Most range in price between $15-$50, but some of the nicer ones can cost a bit more if trying to match specific wood colors and other decor in your home.

3. Personal Safety

Hanging knives out of reach of young children that might be in your home and not loose in a drawer is a much safer solution than the alternative.

4. Food Safety

If not completely dry or clean, knives going into a knife block can grow bacteria and potentially cause illness.  By leaving knives in the open air on a magnetic bar, they will able to dry, preventing mold and bacteria growth.  A magnetic knife holder is the most hygienic option.

5. Saves Space

A wall mounted knife holder takes up very little space.  Knife blocks hinder your counter top space and placing knives in drawers takes away from valuable space that could be used to store other items in your kitchen.

6. Protect Your Knives

Good kitchen knives are a significant investment for most of us.  You should make the most of that investment and protect your knives.  Shoving all together in a drawer can prematurely dull your blades or otherwise damage your knives.  Similarly, placing them in a knife block when they aren’t completely dry can cause knives with high-carbon content in them (think sushi knives) to rust.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Okay, now that you know why you need a magnetic knife holder, it’s time to name names.  The BladeAdvisor team has once again scoured the web, read customer feedback, and gauged popularity to help you determine which products to buy.  Magnetic knife holders are no different.  If you find that you have questions about how to best choose the right knife bar for your home specifically, check out our buying guide below for additional assistance.  It can be found right below these magnetic knife holder reviews 

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder by wooDsom

This wooden magnetic knife holder is definitely a good one!  You can purchase it in lengths from 8″ on up to 36″, and even request a custom length right on Amazon.  So there should be no issue finding one that fits in any spot of your kitchen.  In addition to all the length options, this bar is offered in at least 10 different wood types including maple, oak, walnut, birdseye maple, butcher block (as shown above), cherry, hickory, wenge, alder, rustic maple (only 12″), and purpleheart.  THIS HOLDER IS MADE IN THE USA!!!  It comes complete with a mounting kit and the holes are finished off with matching wood plus (included).  If you care more about being happy with your purchase than you do about saving a few bucks, this is the best magnetic knife holder for you!

2. Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder

Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder

The Ouddy magnetic knife holder is a popular option.  It’s sleek, modern, clean-looking, and very affordable.  The social proof on this choice is unwavering with thousands of positive reviews at Amazon along.  The install is clean and easy with 2 hidden screws on the back of the unit (mounting hardware is included).  It’s a 16-inch long magnetic bar and comes standard in stainless steel.  Basic and simple, yet gets the job done.  There is also a wood option as well.  Ouddy offers a risk free purchase, meaning that will issue a full refund or replacement if you’re not satisfied with what you receive.  

Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

This magnetic knife strip is unique with it’s double bar look and included utensil hooks so you can hang more stuff, even if it’s not metal!  This space saving magnetic knife strip perfect for any kitchen, bar, or workshop.  It’s heavy-duty stainless steel won’t corrode or rust.  It’s easy to install and even includes all the necessary hardware.  It also includes the 6 utensil hooks needed to mount those items that are will not be attracted to the magnet.  This particular option comes in an 18-inch length, but there are similar ones on Amazon that can be found in 12-inch and 24-inch lengths as well.

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder Review

Sometimes hanging your knives on the wall is just not convenient.  For these instances, we recommend this magnetic contraption.  This is the best magnetic knife block we could find.  Traditional knife blocks can grow bacteria if knives get put away wet into those tiny slots where air doesn’t circulate.  They can also slightly dull your knife blade as you drag the sharp edge against the wood block over and over and over.  With this magnetic knife block from Coninx, you don’t have to worry about either of these things.  The only downside is that it can only hold a few knives.  You might need a couple of these if you have a large collection of knives. 

10 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

This smaller 10 inch magnetic knife holder has a black, silicone exterior to give a different look from all the stainless steel and wood magnetic strips available.  This one is quite short, but actually works well for more than just knives.  As you can see by looking at the listing at Amazon, it can also be used as a key holder, or even for tools in your workshop.  Like most of the other options on this page, this knife strip comes with the necessary mounting hardware to get it installed on your wall.

Ikea Magnetic Knife Strip

Another simplistic-looking stainless steel option is the Ikea magnetic knife holder.  There’s not much new to report here that we didn’t talk about with the Ouddy bar above.  This one from Ikea is very similar, but has the name brand “Ikea” behind it.  The size of the stainless steel magnetic strip is 15-3/4″ long x 1-3/8″ tall and it does come with the mounting hardware required to put it on your wall.

Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder

This bamboo magnetic knife holder is very nice looking wood option for mounting your knives to the wall closer to where you need them.  There are slots on the back for screwing it to the wall (both screws and anchors are included).  This particular magnetic bar for knives comes in walnut and maple, as well as the bamboo model shown above.  In addition, it’s offered in a 16 inch length and an 18 inch length so you can pick whichever fits your kitchen better.  Last but not least, the magnet in this magnetic strip will allow for having knives or keys.  If you have other bamboo accessories in your kitchen, this holder will go great with your home’s decor.

Magnetic Knife Holder Guide

We hope you were able to find the perfect wall mounted knife holder for your home in our list above.  If you weren’t, we’ve created the section below to help you know what to look for in order to better help yourself find what you need.  These are the factors the BladeAdvisor team used when selecting the top magnet knife bar above.  They’re also what you can use to determine which categories are most important to you. 

measuring tape


The overall length of the knife holder is probably the single most important factor to consider when buying a magnetic strip for your knives.  Obviously no matter how much you like the design or look of a knife strip, you won’t be able to use it if it doesn’t fit in the area you have designated for it.  First, measure the area in question, keeping in mind that you’ll likely want to have a little bare space on either end of the strip.  Then bring that measurement back and find one that fits the best.  Magnetic strips to hold knives typically come in multiples of 2″ increments and start around 8″ and go up to roughly 36″.  Clicking here is a good place to start your search.  You can narrow your search by length with options on the left side of the screen.

material samples


It should seem natural that material of a wall-mounted knife holder would be important to you, really no different than the material of a picture frame or other home decor item would.  Is your kitchen more modern or industrial looking?  Do you have all stainless appliances?  In these cases, perhaps a sleek and clean stainless magnetic knife bar will suit your needs.  They tend to be less costly due to their ability to be mass-produced in a factory somewhere.

On the other hand, traditionalists tend to like lots of wood in their homes.  As you might have noticed above, some magnet strips for knives are made in as many as 5 or 10 different wood options.  This is not as easy or cheap to make, but you really only need one bar and they’re not that expensive, so you might as well get the one that matches, right?  In fact, wooden magnetic knife holders actually have a slight advantage over their stainless steel counterparts.  Resting your knife blades against wood rather than steel keeps it safe from any potential scratches.  Besides this, it’s as much about aesthetics as it is anything else. 

home decor example


The design and appearance are also an important factor when buying what you consider the best magnetic knife holder.  For reasons very similar to those we mentioned above in the material category, you probably want the knife strip to match the decor and general appearance of everything else in your home and/or kitchen area. 

Again, this really is personal preference.  This is one reason we tried to populate the list above with great options in a multitude of materials, finishes, and colors.  There’s no right or wrong design selection as long as you like what you’re picking out.  There’s no skill involved here, so it’s easy.  Just pick out what you like!

installation handyman

Easy Installation

Of course you should only buy a magnetic knife strip that you’ll be able to easily install.  Some can be so complicated that it’s not even worth attempting to install it.  In the list of reviews above, BladeAdvisor only chose knife magnet strips that state they come with all the necessary hardware for easy installation.  Note, even then, there are varying degrees of installation with these holders. 

Some have a piece that mounts directly to the wall and then the front section covers it.  Some wood options also screw direction into the wall and have plugs that cover the screws.  Both of these types are simple and easy to hang.  Others require that you put two screws a certain distance apart (and keep them level), only to try and then hang the entire holder on these screws.  This takes lot of patience and requires some accuracy or it won’t look right.

strong magnets

Strong Magnets

A knife holder having strong magnets is important so it will adequately hold all of your knives.  Larger, forged knives with full bolsters can be really heavy when you start to add several of them to the same strip.  You of course want to make sure that your new holder will hold them all without dropping any of your potentially expensive knives.

How do you know if the holder has strong magnets?  Most of the descriptions all say “strong magnets”, or something similar.  The best way to identify if the magnets are adequate is to read the reviews listed for a given magnetic knife strip, assuming it’s been purchased previously.  You can use these to make sure there aren’t negative feedback reviews that state the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold knives.  It’s as easy as that!


It clearly doesn’t take much effort or “know how” to select one of the top magnetic knife holders.  There are many options available on Amazon that could make you happy.  We’ve educated you and now also armed you with a guide on how you can also be the expert when buying one.  Just follow the 4-step process we outlined above and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the knife magnets that fit your needs best.  Good luck!

We of course think that the Magnetic Knife Holder by WoodSum is the best option!  Grab one today!