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Quality kitchen accessories are essential for any chef who wants to keep their knives in excellent condition.  Explore some of our favorite kitchen tools below.

Cutting Boards

Best Wood For A Cutting Board

Cutting boards are an essential tool for home and professional kitchens. Wooden cutting boards have been around for centuries in one form or another. If you’re looking for a good, wooden cutting board, you’ve probably found an overwhelming number of options.  Narrowing it down can be hard.  For instance, what is the best wood for a cutting board; maple vs walnut vs cherry? You can find the answer to that question along with others you may have by reading our comparison and buyers guide. 

end grain cutting board and edge grain cutting board on a table

Edge Grain vs End Grain Cutting Boards

bamboo stalks in front of a bamboo cutting board and a tree trunk in front of a wood cutting board

Bamboo vs Wood Cutting Boards

person using a cloth to rub oil on a round cutting board

How to Seal a Wood Cutting Board

epicurean cutting board on a counter with whole and chopped vegetables on it

Epicurean Cutting Board Review

opening of bottle pouring oil on a cutting board

Best Oils For Wood Cutting Boards

Kitchen Tools
knife blade being pulled through a knife sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpener

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur cook, a professional chef, or you just need to get dinner made for the kids, everyone gets frustrated with using a dull knife!  The best electric knife sharpener models make sure you will no longer have to work like that.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife holders are an inexpensive way to store your knives safely and keep your kitchen organized.  There are many different options making it easy to find one to match your décor.  Let us help you find the perfect magnetic holder to fit your needs.

row of knives hanging on a magnetic knife holder
person using a mandoline with hand guard to slice potatoes

Safest and Best Mandoline Slicer

Mandolines have ultra-sharp, fixed blades great for slicing vegetables quickly and consistently at a range of thicknesses. They are a great kitchen tool, but can also be dangerous for users. Learn more about the best and safest mandolines in our review.

Our 5 Best Apple Peeler Picks

There’s more than one way to peel an apple.  Looking for a fun kitchen tool to do the work for you?  See our article to learn more about electric apple peelers, manual peelers, and apple peeler attachments and decide which tool is the right fit for your kitchen.

person peeling an apple using an apple peeler
two ears of corn on the cob, one with some cut off and a tool setting next to it

Tool For Cutting Corn off the Cob

Love corn on the cob but perfer to eat it off the cob?  Using a knife can be hard and dangerous.  Luckily there are many tools available that can make the job faster and safer.  See our reviews and recommendations of the top products to learn how they can help.