Best Steak Knives 2019

Have you ever looked into getting a nice set of steak knives? They aren’t that expensive and make eating those steaks you cooked on the grill so much more enjoyable. Read our reviews and recommendations by clicking the “read more” button below.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener 2019

Are you still sharpening your knives by hand? Or worse yet, not sharpening them at all? You’ll get a longer life out of your knives if you keep them sharp. Of course, it’s easier to perform tasks with them when they’re sharper also. Take a look at our recommendations for the top electric knife sharpeners. You might be surprised how easy they are to operate.

Best Santoku Knives 2019

Similar to a chef’s knife, santoku knives are an all-purpose tool that supports numerous tasks in the kitchen. Originally hailing from Japan, Santoku knives are becoming more and more popular in Western culture.

BladeAdvisor Kitchen Knife Reviews

BladeAdvisor was developed to provide you as the consumer with product reviews, recommendations, and advice around anything related to knives.  This includes all different kitchen knife types as well as blade maintenance and other tips & tricks.  It’s not only important to buy good knives with high-quality materials, but keeping them dry and sharp is another good way to ensure longevity.  You don’t want go out and spend money on the best knives and then not take care of them.  We’ll discuss exactly how to do this, from sharpening techniques to storage solutions. 

Kitchen Knife Guides

Our Knife Guides are put together in an attempt to provide consumers with our favorite versions of each kitchen knife type.  We work diligently to recommend knives in several different price points rather than to just endorse all the most expensive knives available.  In addition to our recommendations, we also provide the reader with a buying guide, describing what to look for when you’re ready to buy.  It also shows how each knife is used why it should be a part of your kitchen knife arsenal.

Other Popular Pages

These posts are the cornerstone of what we offer here at BladeAdvisor.  A comparison and contrasting of brands, types, and collections of all the best kitchen knives available to us as consumers.  An education on knives and how to select the best one for your kitchen.

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Link to Kitchen Knife Brands
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When you’re looking for a new knife for your kitchen, check out BladeAdvisor for reviews on the latest products, knife comparisons, and tips & tricks on sharpening, etc.


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