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BladeAdvisor was developed to provide you, the consumer, with product reviews, recommendations, and advice on everything related to kitchen knives.  We’ve gathered information on all the top knives, brands, and accessories so you can be confident your purchasing the correct product for your kitchen.

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Learn more about the different types of kitchen knives, check out our complete reviews, and find the knife that fits your needs.

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Explore the top knife brands on the market and read our comprehensive reviews and comparisons to help you find the perfect fit.


Find the best tools to increase the longevity of your knives and keep them sharp along with other helpful kitchen accessories.

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My name is Bobby, I am a former research assistant turned program manager, and am the creator of BladeAdvisor. I began cooking at home on a regular basis about 5 years ago and quickly realized the need for a quality set of kitchen knives. I spent hours researching and comparing different brands and knife types. I was amazed at the number of options available.

I began to learn about the history of knife making and over time what started out as product research turned into a personal interest. In 2019, I decided to create BladeAdvisor to share the research and knowledge I have gained and assist others in making informed, confident purchases.

Here at BladeAdvisor, our goal is to provide information on kitchen knives, brands, and accessories through unbiased product reviews built from comprehensive research and designed to assist consumers with purchasing decisions.