Blade Advisor Kitchen Knife Reviews

BladeAdvisor Kitchen Knife Reviews

BladeAdvisor was developed to provide you as the consumer with product reviews, recommendations, and advice for anything related to kitchen knives.  This includes all the different types of knives as well as blade maintenance and other tips & tricks on our blog.  It’s not only important to buy good knives with high-quality materials, but keeping them dry and sharp is another good way to ensure longevity.  You don’t want go out and spend money on the best knives and then not take care of them.  We’ll discuss exactly how to do this, from sharpening techniques to storage solutions and more.

Our Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Kitchen Knives

Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for (in which case, use the header menu at the top of the page), the first place we recommend you start is our quick guide below on how to select a good, yet affordable kitchen knife or knife set.  This ultimate selection guide should make you the closest thing to can be to an expert within 5 minutes or less.  You’re interested in buying new kitchen knives and you want some quick help.  If you want to learn more, there are more detailed pages all over this site, but this is the quickest route to making sure you’re spending your money on good, decent knives that will last, rather than cheap junk that we see sold for the same price everyday.

Trusted Kitchen Knife Brands

As you can see in the deals above, there are many kitchen knife brands.  We’re here to tell you that they’re not all created equal.  There are some really good German manufacturers that have literally been around for hundreds of years (J.A. Henckels and Wusthof), some in Japan that make knives where swords are popular (Shun), and others that are new brands to the scene (Dalstrong and Cangshan).  These are all top-of-the-line name brand kitchen knives, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you can even find good kitchen knife deals on them. 

knife brands

Of course, you’ll also see several mass market kitchen brands that make knives as well like Calphalon, Cuisinart, and others.  The quality of the build and the materials used are just not the same as the brands listed above.  That doesn’t make them a bad deal though.  Not everyone is looking for high-end knives.  We just mention it so you understand why there is a price difference and so you keep an eye out for what might appear like a good deal, but isn’t. 

Forged Blades vs. Stamped Blades

Forged blades are almost always stronger than stamped blades. This is because these blades are forged out of a single piece of solid deal typically are formed in such a way that they are stronger where they need to be stronger.

By contrast, stamped blades start out as a sheet of thin steel and are “stamped” out like cookies with a cookie cutter.  This makes the area where the blade meets the handle incredibly weak and a point for most failures.  

forged vs stamped kitchen knives

Forged Knife (left) vs. Stamped Knife (right)

On the knives shown above, you can see how the one on the left is made from a more substantial piece of steel and contains a bolster that helps balance the knife, protect your fingers, and strengthen it at a common failure point of stamped knives, where the blade meets the handle.  If all else is equal, you should always shoot for forged blades.  That doesn’t mean buying a stamped blade is bad, just expect to pay less because it will likely last a shorter period of time. 

Dishwaher Safe vs. Hand-Wash

Let’s just start out by saying that you should always hand-wash good kitchen knives.  Even those made with stainless steel have a high carbon content in them to make the blade stronger.  This means they can still rust over time and the detergents used in dishwashers are particularly tough on the blades.  

If you insist on using a dishwasher, make sure the knives you are buying are rated as dishwasher safe.  You’ll want knives that are made entirely of stainless steel or some combination with plastic handles.  We recommend that you NEVER put knives with wood handles in the dishwasher, you’re just asking for trouble! 

Knife Sets vs. Individual Kitchen Knives

This is an age-old debate we’re not going to fully hash out here on the homepage.  There are two schools of thought.  The first one says you’re better off buying a set of kitchen knives so they all match and you get all the pieces you need at once.  You’ll likely get a better discount by buying all the knives at once.  This is all true stuff.  If you like this idea, check out:

best affordable kitchen knife set link image

Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $200

We’ve rated and reviewed our top 10 favorite affordable kitchen knife sets, each priced at $200 or less (a few are even under $100!).  Take a look at what makes them great and how you can get one of them for your kitchen today!

See More of the Article…

So, what’s the counterpoint?  Well, it goes a bit like this… If you buy all your kitchen knives individually, you can buy the best of each type.  It also allows to to spend more money and buy a better quality knife that you’ll use more often.  Heck, you might even want 2 or more of certain knives.  For example, maybe you want a 5″ and a 7″ santoku knife.  Good luck finding both of those a set of knives!

Unless you just want to get it over with, this is our preferred method of buying knives for your kitchen.  We’ve spend countless hours assembling the following guides sharing our favorite knives in each category and explaining what to look for with each type, along with their top uses. 

Warranty and Returns

This should go without saying, but making sure you’re buying a quality kitchen knife from a manufacturer that will stand behind it is important.  There are plenty of cheap kitchen knives available that are just junk.  They are even marketed sometimes, made to look like a great deal.  By ensuring there is some sort of warranty, hopefully a lifetime warranty, you’ll know it’s a good knife.

In addition, always make sure when buying a knife or knives over the internet that there is a good return policy.  This is one of the main reasons we recommend doing your kitchen knife shopping on Amazon as they typically have a great return policy if you’re not happy for some reason or another. 

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