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Best Tool for Cutting Corn off the Cob

By Bobby B.  |  April 2022  | Accessories

When you’re craving some delicious corn on the cob, you want to be able to get it prepared as quickly and easily as possible. Using a knife can be tricky and dangerous – it’s much easier to just use a tool specifically designed for the job! In this blog post, we will discuss the 7 best tools for cutting corn off the cob, and we will list the reasons why using a tool is faster, easier, and safer than using a knife. Stay safe and enjoy that delicious, healthy corn!

A sharp kitchen knife will get the job done and is much safer than a dull one. However, slipping and cutting yourself is always a possibility, not to mention the shape of a corn cob does not lend itself to efficiently being cut by a straight knife blade. No, you need a product that is dedicated to this particular job. Don’t worry, these custom tools are inexpensive and do a fabulous job!

1. Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper

kuhn rikon corn zipper

A corn zipper is a tool that has been specifically designed to remove the kernels from the cob in one quick motion. It requires no guesswork – the kernels are removed uniformly, so there is no need to go back and forth over the cob like you would with a knife. This can save you time and prevent you from losing any kernels in the process. Our favorite zipper is the Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper.

No more knives are required for a fresh corn experience. Kuhn Rikon’s Corn Zipper is a kitchen must-have for anyone who loves fresh, juicy ears. It features stainless steel blades and an easy-to-grip handle. With serrated teeth on the curved blade, you can remove strips of kernels without worrying about getting fingers messy or dirty while doing so; clean up has never been easier either as this device requires little maintenance other than washing when necessary. The best part is that it’s dishwasher safe.

The Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper is the best around. It does exactly what you want it to do, cut corn off the cob without just turning the kernels into corn mush, which makes for a better eating experience. Not only does it work as described, but it’s very fast and doesn’t waste food as some other corn stripper and corn peeler products do. It’s just mess-free sweet corn off the cob.

2. OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler

OXO good grips corn peeler

Similar to the corn zipper shown above, this corn peeler is also intended to remove kernels from an ear of corn. The OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler uses a Japanese stainless steel blade for great performance that will not rust. It does make quick work removing corn, but we don’t find that it’s as efficient as the Corn Zipper.

With its curved blade and non-slip grip handle, this peeler is still much better than using a knife and a cutting board. Note, there’s a slight learning curve to using this peeler to remove corn kernels, so don’t get discouraged your first time trying it out. And yes, it will make a mess too.

Shaped like other vegetable Y-peelers, this product is easy to maneuver and works the same at cutting corn off the cob whether you’re right or left-handed. It also works well on both cooked and uncooked corn, removing kernels from the cob in a single motion, and can be thrown in the dishwasher after use for easy clean-up.

3. Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper

best corn stripper tool

Another great tool for the job is a round corn stripper like this one, the Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper. This tool has a small, circular blade that easily removes kernels from the cob without damaging them. The best part is that it does all of the work for you – simply place an ear of corn through the stripper and push or twist it through slowly.

This deluxe corn stripper removes the kernels from the cob in mere seconds with its stainless steel blade and is also dishwasher-safe. It’s a pretty effective way to cut corn, but you’ll want to be extra careful as you could also cut a finger if you push too hard or fast and slip into its ultra-sharp blade.

If you’ve done any looking, you’ve probably noticed there are tons of products that look just like this one. Of the many, this one is the best corn stripper in our opinion.

Considerations for the Best Corn Cutting Tool

All in all, these are three great tools for quickly and easily removing kernels from an ear of corn. What you decide to go with ultimately depends on your personal preference and what best suits your needs. But if we had to choose just one, it’d be the Corn Zipper as recommended above, however each of these products outperforms using a standard kitchen knife.

cutting corn off the cob with a knife

If you’re looking for more guidance, there are a few things you should consider when researching these tools. They include things like how effective they are, how easy they are to use, and their flexibility in corn ear size.

Most Effective

Not all tools made for cutting corn off the cob perform the job equally. In fact, many are skeptical and wonder if corn strippers are worth messing with. We think they are, but you must take the time to find a good one.

There are hundreds of gimmicky products on the market made for this purpose and many of them have poor reviews across the web. We’ve made sure to select options above that only include products with great customer reviews.

Ease of Use

In addition to their effectiveness, it’s also important that a corn cutting tool is easy to use. This can mean different things to different people. Our intention for listing this as a consideration is two-fold. First, it easily removes kernels from the cob without too much effort.

This is of course the stated purpose of such a tool. However, in addition to that, it needs to be easy to clean so no one gets hurt washing it. For most, this means that the cutter is dishwasher safe.

Corn Cob Size

Last but not least, some corn stripper products only work on a small range of corn cob sizes. This may not work well as different varieties of corn come in different sizes and a tool that’s restricted may not get the job done.

Garden-grown sweet corn is often much smaller in diameter than that of sweet corn found in a grocery store. Similarly, if you’re using it on field corn, those cobs are even larger yet. To ensure you get a tool that will work for you in all circumstances, don’t limit yourself by purchasing the wrong cutter.