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Our Brand Comparisons

zwilling logo vs wusthof logo

Zwilling vs Wusthof

These are the two heavyweights by which German kitchen knife makers are measured.  Both of these high-end knife brands have been around for hundreds of years, making top quality kitchen knives!

cangshan logo vs wusthof logo

Cangshan vs Wusthof

A head-to-head battle between Wusthof, one of the oldest, most respected knife brands around vs. Cangshan, a relative new-comer making knives in China.  See how they match up in our comparison.

dalstrong logo vs wusthof logo

Dalstrong vs Wusthof

This comparison is between “old faithful” and a newcomer.  We know that Wusthof is a world-class knife maker.  Does Dalstrong have what it takes to become one of the best brands themselves.

shun logo vs miyabi logo

Shun vs Miyabi

As two of the great, most well-known, Japanese knife brands, Shun and Miyabi are often compared.  Our full comparison measures how the two brand’s top knives, quality, and performance match up.

zelite logo vs dalstrong logo

Zelite vs Dalstrong

These are two of the great newcomers on the kitchen knife scene.  Both use top-quality materials and have great options at fantastic pricing!  Yet, they’re both made in China.  Does that matter?

kamikoto logo vs shun logo

Kamikoto vs Shun

Both Kamikoto and Shun make great knives, more specifically great “slicing” knives.  Each has a very popular 3-piece Japanese knife set and we’ve set out to determine which of the two is better.

wusthof logo vs cutco logo

Wusthof vs Cutco

Wusthof has been making Western-style knives forever.  Cutco hasn’t been around as long, but they are some of the oldest American made kitchen knives.  This head-to-head battle compares the two.

shun logo vs cutco logo

Shun vs Cutco

Shun and Cutco are two very different knife brands, yet both are wildly popular among home chefs.  So, what’s the difference and why would you choose one over the other?  Read to find out more!

dalstong logo vs shun logo

Dalstong vs Shun

Two knife manufacturers with two different styles.  While they’re completely different, they both have their niche.  Here, we compare the best chef knife, fillet knife, and cleaver from each brand.

yoshihiro logo vs shun logo

Yoshihiro vs Shun

These are two of the best Japanese slicing knife companies.  Here we compare their top knives, highlight who does what better, and tell you which brand is stronger in certain styles of knives.

chicago cutlery logo vs henckels logo

Chicago Cutlery vs Henkels

Chicago Cutlery and Henkels are well-known cutlery brands that make great, affordable knives that are popular with home chefs.  Here we compare their styles to determine which is better for you.

zwilling logo vs henckels logo

Zwilling vs Henckels

There can be a lot of confusion around the brand names Zwilling and J.A. Henckels.  Ultimately, they are one single company that manufactures two brands of knives.  Learn more about each here.

chicago cutlery logo vs wusthof logo

Chicago Cutlery vs Wusthof

Chicago Cutlery and Wusthof both offer a variety of quality knives and knife sets.  Even though they have many similarities, they also have some differences.  Learn more by reading our full comparison.