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Our 5 Best Apple Peeler Picks For 2024

By Bobby B.  |  Updated Jan. 7, 2021  | Blog

You know the saying, “an apple a day…”  Apples are great for our bodies and they taste amazing!  Sure you could spend 10 minutes peeling and slicing up an apple with a paring knife or peeler (usually we’re talking about kitchen knives here at BladeAdvisor), but in this case, there’s a much cooler way to peel this fruit.  You pick a product from our best apple peeler list below and watch in amazement as it makes your apple ready to eat almost instantly!

If you didn’t already know, there are 3 types of apple peelers (besides just using a knife).  There are electric apple peelers, manual (crank) peelers, and apple peelers that attach to your mixer.  Don’t worry, we’ll cover all 3 on our list below.  Check it out! 

Kitchenaid Apple Peeler

Ok, if you already have the KitchenAid mixer, this is the best route to go.  This spiralizer attachment comes with 5 different blades and not only automates the peeling of apples, but you can slice, peel, and spliralize all sorts of fuits and vegetables on this thing without lifting a finger.  If you don’t have one now, someday you will.  Every kitchen is better off with a KitchenAid mixer (and you might as well get this apple peeler too!).

VKP Brands Johnny Apple Peeler

Yes, a funny name, but absolutely the best manual peeler around.  There are literally thousands of positive reviews on this apple peeler at Amazon!  You can peel them, slice them, core the, and even string apples with this contraption.  It’s small, portable, and versatile.  This gadget can do so much and costs so little.  You have to get one of these things.  You’ll enjoy your apples like never before after using this tool.  

Multifunctional Electric Apple Peeler

Not ready to take on the responsibility of having to crank your own apple peeler?  We understand.  Then this electric peeler is for you.  It makes quick work of shedding the peeling of your apple, and also works on potatoes, oranges, cucumbers, radishes, and many other fruits and vegetables.  It’s smaller and lighter weight than the crank models, and just uses (4) AA batteries to run.  

Heavy Duty Apple Peeler slicer corer spiralizer

Similar to the Johnny Apple Peeler, yet different, this peeler is a heavy duty machine and can do so much.  It’s easy to use, durable, and includes everything needed to core, slice, and peel your apples today.  It’s held down to your countertop with a suction cup so it doens’t slip.  Yes, like the others, you can use it for all sorts of different fruits and vegetables, not just apples.

Plastic Apple Peeler Machine - PL8 1240

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller and less intrusive, check out this plastic apple peeler machine by a company called PL8.  It’s a simple little gadget, but gets the job done.  It’ll peel, core, and slice several fruits.  Unlike many of the crank versions, this model has silicone feet and it tilts for a more ergonomic angle.   The legs also fold up for easy storage in your kitchen.

How To Pick Out an Apple Peeler

Let’s face it, there’s no rocket science behind choosing the best apple peeler.  You find one that looks durable and has tons of great reviews.  The most important thing is determining which style you want.  We suggest going with the mixer attachment if you have a mixer.  It takes all the turning out of it for you.  If you don’t, decide if you want a crank or no crank.  Personally, we think the crank adds lots of fun, and you don’t have to worry about batteries.  They also tend to be more durable and made of less plastic than the best electric apple peelers.

How much is an apple peeler?

Apple peelers are relatively inexpensive.  Most range in price between $20-30, with a few exceptions.  It’s totally worth all the fun you’ll have eating apples (great way to get kids to eat their fruit!), and remember, it’ll peel other vegetables too. 

Do apple peelers really work?

Yes, they do work.  There are thousands of online product reviews that will attest to that.  But, not all apple peelers are created equal.  Some of them work better than others, and in addition, some aren’t very robust.  Make sure you read the reviews befoer buying.

How do you peel an apple without a peeler?

You use a paring knife from your kitchen.  You just go around the outside holding the apple in one hand and the paring knife in the other.  Just be careful not to cut yourself.  It’s easy with a little pratice.

Can you peel potatoes with an apple peeler?

Yes, most apple peelers can also peel potatoes and many other fruits and vegetables.  In some cases you’ll need to remove the coring blade that’s used for removing the core in an apple (there’s no core in a potato).

Need a Slicer Too?

Now that you’ve seen our reviews on the 5 best apple peelers, it’s time to look for a new slicer.  Our favorite way to make quick work of slicing fruits and veggies is to use a mandoline slicer.  Check out our list of the Best Mandoline Slicers.