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Knife Tips, Tricks, and Other Info

Choosing the best kitchen knives is important and we’re here to help you with that.  However, knowing how and when to use a certain type of knife, how to hold it, and any tricks you should know along the way can also be ultra-helpful.  These articles are meant to be an additional resource to our Knife Guides.  Between them, we hope to educate you on knives in such a way that you feel like the expert in a very short period of time.

How to Sharpen Serrated Knives

How to Sharpen Serrated Knives

It’s not uncommon to be nervous about trying to sharpen a knife we a serrated blade. In fact, many people actually believe it’s not even possible. The truth is, it is possible and in most cases it’s not as difficult as you thought.

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The Best All-Purpose Knife: Santoku or Chef Knife

The Best All-Purpose Knife: Santoku or Chef Knife

Chef’s knives and santoku knives are 2 of the most popular knives in any kitchen. Which is better and why are commonly asked questions by those who haven’t tried both. We break down the similarities and differences in THE SHOWDOWN!

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When you’re looking for a new knife for your kitchen, check out BladeAdvisor for reviews on the latest products as well as tips/tricks on sharpening, etc.




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