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Best Kitchen Knife Brands 2021

A Comprehensive Comparison of 20+ Amazing Knife Makers

By Bobby B.  |  Updated October 2021  | Knives

To understand the type of product we’re buying in today’s world, it’s important to know what the best kitchen knife brands stand for, what they’re good at, and how experienced they are.  The list below includes many of the globe’s top knife manufacturers.  Some of them have been around for hundreds of years and others are mere toddlers in the knife making field.  Many of them make knives of very high quality, including some that are hand-made, while others pride themselves and producing an affordable product for the masses.

It’s true that materials, processes, and customer reviews are an integral part of the kitchen knife buying process.  You can read all about that in our buying guide for each individual style of knife. But to truly understand the best brand of kitchen knives, we needed a place to dive deeper and compare these great companies, many of which have made knives the same way for over a century! 

First we’ll cover several of the top kitchen knife brands, where they’re from, and what they are known for.  If you’re interested in more information, you can follow through to a more detailed review of each particular brand’s knife models.  At the bottom of the page, we’ve also provided links to some head-to-head brand comparison pages that we’ve designed around popular queries.

Bokashi Steel Logo

Bokashi Steel

“A Chef is Only as Good as the Tools He Uses”

Bokashi Steel makes Japanese-style knives in Japan (crazy huh???).  Their knives are made using traditional techniques with high-quality materials, and they’re super-cool looking in the end.  They have sweet damascus patterns on their blades and a polished finish everyone can love.  

Bokashi Steel is a relatively young company, started in 2013, and is led by their head chef, Oliver.  Oliver is passionate about kitchen tools that help home chefs enjoy cooking.  This comes through in the product that is both unique and appealing to the masses.   Many of our readers haven’t heard of Bokashi yet, so we encourage you to read through our full review at the link below.

Calphalon Logo


“Knives stay sharp for a lifetime”

You may recognize the Calphalon brand name from your pots and pans, small appliances, or even bakeware, but they also produce some decent, inexpensive cutlery products.  While they probably aren’t going to revolutionize kitchen knife design anytime soon, they make a good product at a great price.  For those that like the brand, their knives are a good option and they can be found in kitchens all across America.

As it relates to knives, Calphalon’s claim to fame in recent years is their SharpIN technology.  This is where they build in a ceramic knife sharpener in their knife block so that the knife blade is sharpened every time it’s pulled out to be used.  This is what they call their “self-sharpening” technology.  It’s a pretty good gimmick that makes this series of their knives pretty popular among consumers who don’t care about higher-quality materials and expensive knives.

Cangshan Cultery Logo

Cangshan Cutlery

“Red Dot Award Winner”

The Cangshan Cutlery Company was stated by Henry Liu.  He had a vision for making knives that were truly unique and beautiful, not just basic kitchen knives.  He got just that when he found a manufacturer in Yangjiang, China where knives have been made for over 1000 years.

Cangshan combines both Western and Japanese inspiration in their knives.  The design and beauty is a thing to behold.  As a kind of confirmation for their passion for design, they were recently awarded some of the the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards.

Cangshan has top rated kitchen knives that are priced in the mid-range and others that would be considered more expensive and high-end.  They are spectacular looking knives and a great addition to your kitchen.

Chicago Cultery Logo

Chicago Cutlery

“Something for everyone”

From the same company that produces Corelle dinnerware, Pyrex glassware, and CorningWare baking dishes, Corelle Brands brings us Chicago Cutlery knives.

Chicago Cutlery is a good kitchen knife brand that makes professional-grade knives for the home chef.  They produce affordable knives that look nice and have good balance.  They claim to be the #1 brand in forged cutlery.  They have a nice product and are priced for masses, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone. 

Chicago Cutlery appears to produce at least most of their knives in manufacturing facilities in China.  They don’t use the ultra high-quality materials that some of the others on this list use.  With this combination, they are able to provide decent knives at a very affordable price.  Their kitchen knife sets are very popular among average U.S. households.

Dalstrong Logo


“The new guy on the block”

As their founder, David Dallaire, puts it, “Dalstrong is the new guy on the block”.  As a relatively new knife maker when compared to many others on this page, Dalstrong has a lot of catching up to do.  That doesn’t mean they don’t make fantastic knives however. 

Dalstrong brings modern technology and methods to knife making, providing a top-notch value proposition to its customers.  The materials, builds, and looks are all world-class, but their price points are lower than many of the “big name” knife brands!  We are excited to see what Dalstrong comes out with next. 

They are able to keep their costs low by importing the high-end steels to China where they produce their knives in mass production.  This obviously lowers the labor costs of being hand-crafted in Japan or Germany like many of the older kitchen knife brands.

Emojoy Knife Brand Logo


“Every Moment Worth Enjoying”

Emojoy is a brand that has become more popular within the last five years.  They make quality knife sets at a budget friendly price.  Their knives are made in China with imported German steel.  The stainless steel blades are combined with comfortable ergonomically designed handles.

Emojoy knives are only sold in sets but provide a great value for your money.  Use the link below to see our full review and learn more about what this affordable brand has to offer.  

Forever Sharp Knives Logo

Forever Sharp

“Forever Sharp”

If you’ve ever been in the grocery store or Wal-mart and some dude is cutting all kinds of crazy stuff like cans and wood blocks, even hammers, they’re probably pitching Forever Sharp knives.  The majority of their knives are sold this way, via in-store demonstratons where they sell the knives on the spot and then just move on to the next grocery store.

As the name suggests, they tout that their “surgical steel” blades will never become dull.  This has less to do with the blade’s steel and more to do with the serrations on the blade, reducing the portion of the sharp edge that comes into contact with the cutting surface.  More on this in the link below along with our full review.

Forged in Fire Logo

Forged in Fire

“Born of the Forge with a Heart of Steel & Fire”

Forged in Fire is a popular television show from the History channel where bladesmiths battle it out to see who can make the best blade and win $10,000!  The namesake has since come out with their own knives and the commercials make it appear as if they are the worlds best knives.  The only rub we have with that is that they’re only 25-ish bucks a knife!  How can they possibly be the best kitchen knives in the world?  

Don’t fret, you can follow the link below to see our full review on these knives.  We’ll tell you how they’re made, if they’re any good, and more about their FIFTY-YEAR WARRANTY!!!  What do you think?  Are they good enough to with the $10,000 a contestant wins if they have the best blade?

Ginsu Knives Logo

Ginsu Knives

“Simply Sharp”

Many of us grew up seeing the Ginsu infomercials in the 70’s and 80’s where we were pitched on the “sharpest knives on the market”.  Things have changed a bit since then, but Ginsu is still around making sharp knives at an affordable price.  Most of their knives use micro-serrations to keep the blades sharp for long periods if time.  This is great for the “average Joe” that doesn’t want to sharpen their blades from time to time, but they’re lower quality knives.  

The good news with Ginsu is that you have options!  We love their Chikara Series knives.  A great price for a decent set of knives that look good.  You can read all the details about this series and a few others at the link below.  

Global Cultery Logo

Global Cutlery

“Exceptionally Sharp”

Global knives, manufactured in Japan, have a very unique and discernable look to them.  They appear very industrial and are made almost exclusively of metal.  To be more specific, they are made of Cromova.  It’s a combination of the molybdenum and vanadium elements that keeps the edge sharper longer. 

The two strengths that Global Cutlery touts about their kitchen knives are their edge and their balance.  Like Western knives, they are typically sharpened on both sides.  However, the angle of their edge is much steeper, and the blade thinner, than that of most Western knives.  This makes the edge sharper and keeps it sharper even as is dulls.

Lastly, the balance of a Global knife is on point.  Their handles are hollow and filled with sand to keep the weight distributed perfectly for uniform balance across the entire knife.  This makes cutting and use their kitchen knives much more user friendly. 

Kamikoto logo


“Dedicated to Innovation”

The Kai Group is headquartered, like many other big-name Japanese kitchen knife brands, in Seki, Japan.  It’s become somewhat of a Mecca for Japanese knives.  Under the Kai umbrella, you’ll see top brands like Shun, Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, and Kai Housewares (knives and other kitchen items made under their own brand name).  

Shun Cutlery is certainly their more well-known kitchen knife brand, and for this reason, we’ve split them out as their own brand (shown below).  Kershaw and Zero Tolerance are both top-name pocket knife brands you’ve probably seen around, but the link below takes you to a page that focuses mainly on the Kai-branded knives.  Like Shun, they’re Japanese-inspired knives and they look amazing.  But, unlike Shun, the Kai kitchen knives carry a much lower price-tag.  Read more in our review below to see why they’re so inexpensive and find out if they’re any good!  

Kamikoto logo


“Masters of Tradition”

The Kamikoto family has been in business making knives and other blades since 1908.  They’ve even made blades for the Japanese Navy!  They only use Japanese steel from the island of Honshu, Japan.  Their knives are forged and painstakingly handcrafted through a 19-step process, ensuring superior quality. 

Kamikoto knives are very popular among some of the world’s top chefs, and until just recently, they were too expensive to really be used outside of commercial kitchens.  Some changes have made Kamikoto knives available to home chefs and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.  They use only traditional Japanese techniques and the highest-rated steel.  

Each Kamikoto knife set is presented in a gift box that makes a great presentation when giving it to a loved one or also works great for storage.  Find out today why anyone would be proud to show off their Kamikoto knives.

Lamson logo


“American Made Since 1837”

Lamson has been making knives in Massachusetts for almost two centuries.  They offer German style knives through two different lines.  A Premier Forged line consisting of forged knives crafted from German stainless steel, and a Vintage Precision line consisting of laser-cut knives crafted from American stainless steel.

The forged knives crafted by Lamson are comparable to popular overseas brands.  They are more expensive but they also come with a lifetime warranty and free professional sharpening.  The company stands behind their knives because they are hand crafted and built to last.  Find out more about this American made brand in our full review below.


Mercer Culinary Logo

Mercer Culinary

“It’s All About You”

Mercer Culinary takes a Chef-centric approach to making kitchen knives.  They make what you want, and sell it at a fair price.  Mercer has knives and knife sets that meet the demands of almost any home chef and their kitchen. Their knives start at super-low pricing for their stamped knives (Millenia Series) and offer perfect “starter sets”. 

But they don’t leave out the enthusiasts either.  Using the same German steel as many of the high-end knife brands on this page, their forged knives are also great.  The uniqueness of their knives sets is second-to-none.  They produce glass and magnetic blocks that you just don’t see anyone else making.  Check them out!

Rada Cutlery Logo

Rada Cutlery

“Providing Outstanding Knives at an Exceptional Value”

Rada cutlery is a classic American-made brand that’s been around nearly 75 years. They pride themselves on making 100% American-made products starting with materials sourced in the USA to knives that are completely manufactured in their Midwest factory.  Rada makes quality knives and though they are not known for their block set, they excel at producing sharp, top-rated utility sets.

Rada knives are also one of the most affordable knives on the market.  Combine that with their Lifetime Guarantee and it’s easy to understand why Rada is a trusted brand that continues to grow.  To learn more about what Rada has to offer and the design and qualitly of their knives, see our full Rada Review linked below.

Sabatier Logo


“A Confusing Story of the Best French Knives”

The story behind Sabatier knives is very confusing, yet entertaining.  It all started centuries ago when two families from the same town in France had the same last name, Sabatier, and both made knives. The people loved their knives (both of them), but it became perplexing when trying to figure out which knives everyone was talking about.  Was it Sabatier knives or “the other” Sabatier knives?  

The trademark laws were different then, and what made it worse was that more and more brands started calling themselves Sabatier to cash in on the good press.  Today there are over 30 knife brands with Sabatier in the name… so crazy!  The law has changed a bit though.  You are now required to have a letter, number, animal, or name before or after “Sabatier”, but it’s still confusing.  Check out the link below to read more or find out about the different Sabatier knives.

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Logo

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery

“Redefining the Modern Kitchen”

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery is run by two brothers that have their sights set on redefining the modern kitchen.  Their knife designs are done in New York and are sleek and modern with something for everyone.  All of their blades are made with 100% German steel and many of the handles are made from exotic woods from around the world.  You buy the perfect knife block set for your kitchen or just choose any specific individual knife you might need.

Though their main focus is on kitchen knives, they are also proud members donating a portion of their revenue to charities helping those with illness.  It’s great to see another up-and-coming knife brand doing good things for their community, paying it forward!

Shun Logo

Shun Cutlery

“A functional work of art”

Shun knives are actually made by the Kai Corporation in Seki City, Japan, and have been for over 100 years.  Seki City, was made famous by the ancient sword makers, but now is also home to many of the world’s best kitchen knife brands, including Shun Cutlery.  

Shun makes mostly traditional Japanese style knives with lighter, thinner, sharper blades.  Their knives are hand-made by skilled artisans.  Each one taking over 100 steps to finish, Shun knives are really beautiful and functional.  For this reason, Shun-brand knives are towards the higher end.  While they do offer knives in different price ranges, they do not typically manufacture the lower end, cheaper style kitchen knives.  

Tojiro Logo


“ICHIGO ICHIE” – Once in a Lifetime

Tojiro makes kitchen knives in Japan and has since 1955.  They’re knives are popular all over the world, and they’re known as some of the sharpest knives around.  Tojiro has made some real headway in the industry by using automation in order to keep costs down, and then passing those cost savings directly to the consumer.

That doesn’t mean their knives are cheaply made.  In fact, they use some of the world’s top knife making materials, including several of the best steels for kitchen knives.   Traditions and techniques have been passed down through generations to their current skilled craftsmen that lead the charge in their factory today.

Vicotrinox Logo


“The maker of the Swiss Army Knife”

The most popular thing to come out of Victorinox was the Swiss Army Knife, designed way back in 1891.  It actually was originally made for the Swiss Army.  Most of Victorinox’s products, including their kitchen knives, are still made in Switzerland today. 

Many of their kitchen knives sport the red or black Fibrox material handle.  They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other top kitchen knife brands.  They come in many different shapes and sizes and are affordable to all.  Perhaps the most popular and most recognizable of all the Victorinox kitchen knives is their paring knife.

Wusthof Logo


“Passion – Diligence – Perfection”

Wüsthof, also based out of Solingen, Germany, has been family owned for over 200 years.  They pride themselves on making very high-quality knives.  While many of the processes are the same as they were many years ago, new laser measurement technology has since increased the accuracy and precision to make a more consistent product with a 20% sharper edge.

In keeping with their “brand”, Wüsthof makes some of the nicest forged, full-tang kitchen knives around.  However, to cater to more customers, they also have entry level kitchen knife sets available.  To learn more about the different sets, click on the link below for more details.

Wüsthof also has a long history of being environmentally conscience and producing awesome knives in a responsible manner.  Some examples of this are their modern production facilities and reduction in CO2 and wastewater.

Yoshihiro Cutlery Logo

Yoshihiro Cutlery

“Ichigo Ichie:  Every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”

Yoshihiro produces very high-end Japanese style knives.  Each one is meticulously hand-forged by Artisans with many years of experience in the knife making craft.  Like many other top knife brands out of Japan, Yoshihiro uses high carbon Japanese steels to create ultra-hard, super-sharp blades.

While Yoshihiro makes all kinds of Japanese slicing knives from chef’s knives to vegetable knives, and even butcher knives, they are most known for their sushi and sashimi knives.  They are “THE” go-to kitchen knife brand in this market and make a wonderful knife that any sashimi chef would love to have.

Zelite Infinity Logo

Zelite Infinity

“Setting the New Standard”

Zelite Infinity is another newer and smaller kitchen knife brand.  They are a family trying to innovate the way knives are made.  According to their website, the promise they make to their customers is to produce knives with uncompromising quality and engineering greatness while providing outstanding customer service.

Typically in the kitchen knife market, you have German or “Western-style” knives and you have Asian inspired knives.  One thing that’s somewhat unique to Zelite Infinity is that they manufacture kitchen knives in both styles.  Not only do they incorporate the blade shapes in these styles, but they also use traditional German and Japanese steels when they make them as well.

Along with many series of kitchen knives vaulting this brand into the spotlight, they do it at a price-point anyone can afford.  Their higher-end knives are made of similar materials as the big brands, but at a must lower cost to their customers.  Part of this is due to the mass production processes and the fact that they are actually made in a Chinese factories versus producing them in Germany or Japan like many other knife makers.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Logo

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels

“Crafted in the city of blades”

ZWILLING is one of the oldest knife makers in the world, founded way back in 1731 in Solingen, Germany.  They are known for their German heritage, high-quality German steel, and fine craftsmanship.  Like many other brands, J.A. Henckels manufactures knives of various quality levels and price points so that everyone can afford their knives.

In addition to the standard ZWILLING or J.A. Henckels brands, this company also manufactures knives under some lesser-known brands.  Follow through the link below to learn more about these brands and some of the more popular ZWILLING J.A. Henckels knife sets.

Last, but certainly not least, ZWILLING is a leader in the humanities.  They have programs for hiring disabled workers and a foundation for helping disabled children in India in skill development.  They are well-known for giving back to their community in many ways.

Other Top Kitchen Knife Brands

“There’s More!”

Of course there are hundreds of brands of kitchen knives in the world.  Many of them are good, but we don’t have the time or space to write about all of them here.  There are obviously other high-end niche brands similar to that of Yoshihiro for sushi knives above that fit the mold in other genres.  In addition, there are numerous more affordable brands available as well as some manufacturers that have products that cover all facets of the kitchen that also happen to include knives.

You also have Case XX culinary knives.  They’re well-known for their pocket knives, but did you know they’re one of the few remaining American made kitchen knives today?

Some of the other top knife brands for your kitchen that we haven’t yet reviewed include Mac, Zyliss, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Amazon Basics, OXO, and Rada Cutlery.

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