Lamson Knife Review American Made

Lamson Knives Review: Quality American Knives

By Bobby B.  |  Knife Brands

Lamson Knives are not as well-known as some of their German or Japanese competitors; however, they too have been making knives for centuries.  Founded in Massachusetts, Lamson is one of the few American-made knife companies still in existence.  Their excellent quality, tradition, and craftsmanship is what has kept them in business for nearly two hundred years.  So, what should you expect from this American-made knife brand?  Here in our Lamson knives review, we break down the design and performance of their knives, outline their benefits and drawbacks, and see how they compare to their oversea counterparts.

Lamson knives can be purchased individually, in small sets, or in full block sets.  All of their knives come with a lifetime warranty against defects.  In addition, they also have a sharpening program that provides complimentary professional sharpening on all of their non-serrated blades for as long as you own them.  Lamson offers two different styles of knives, Premier Forged and Precise Vintage.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these lines.

Lamson Premier Forged Knives

All Lamson knives are crafted in the USA; however, the steel used to make Lamson’s Premier Forged knives is imported from Germany.  Lamson uses 4116 steel like many German knife makers.  It is one of the best stainless-steel options for knives as it appeals to a wide range of users.  Furthermore, they temper their steel to a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell Scale.  Together, these two things make Lamson Premier Forged blades sharp, durable, and highly corrosion resistant.

The Premier knives, as the full name suggests, are forged, full-tang knives.  As a result, they are more durable than stamped knives and will feel heavy and balanced in your hand.  Additionally, they have full bolsters between the blade and the handle.  This gives you more control while cutting and keeps your fingers from slipping onto the blade.

Premier Forged knives are available in three different series.  Each series is crafted as described above however; each has a different handle material.  The Fire Series handles are made from strong acrylic.  They are primarily red in color with black highlights interlaced.  The Walnut series has wooden handles made from infused walnut.  Finally, the Midnight series has black handles that are made from G-10 which is a highly durable material composed of fiberglass and epoxy resin.  The handles on all three series are constructed using three rivets to secure the handle material to the full tang blade.


Lamson Premier Forged Fire Series Made in the USA

Fire Series

Lamson Premier Forged Walnut Series Made in the USA

Walnut Series

Lamson Premier Forged Midnight Series Made in the USA

Midnight Series

Pros and Cons of Lamson’s Premier Forged Knives

After researching the Lamson brand and reading numerous customer reviews, we found that there are many benefits and only a few drawbacks to owning these forged knives.  Our findings are summarized in the pros and cons list below.


  • Forged, full-tang blades
  • High quality, stainless steel
  • Extremely sharp, good edge retention
  • Easy to sharpen when needed
  • Lifetime Warranty and sharpening


  • Handles can become slippery when hands are wet or greasy
  • Knife protectors are sold separately
  • More expensive compared to similarly crafted knives
Lamson Premier Forged Santoku Cleavers

There are more pros than cons on our list as you can see.  The Lamson forged knives are high quality and have many appealing features.  The biggest drawback for most people is the price tag.  Lamson knives do cost more than some of the well-known German brands; however, the lifetime warranty and professional sharpening make these knives a good, solid investment.  This coupled with proper day-to-day care and you will have a knife set that will last a lifetime.

Lamson Vintage Precision Knives

Lamson’s Vintage Precision knives are also handcrafted in Massachusetts.  Unlike the Premier knives, these knives were designed to have a more traditional look and feel.  Therefore, they are made with different materials and techniques, but still possess the same quality American craftmanship.

Lamson Vintage Precision Knives Best Lamson Knives

The Vintage knife blades are full tang and are precision laser-cut not forged.  Lamson uses a proprietary stainless steel that is made in the USA (Grade 420HC-LAM) for their Vintage blades.  This is a “high-carbon” steel that Lamson tempers to a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale.  Blades made with this type of steel are durable, easy to sharpen, and rust resistant.  Typically, this steel is softer and would not hold an edge as well as other steels.  However, Lamson avoided that issue by tempering their blades to a higher hardness.  This has allowed them to take a lower cost steel and craft it to perform more like a mid-to-high price steel. 

The Vintage Precision knives have an integrated bolster as opposed to a partial or full bolster.  This design allows you to hold the knife in a traditional manner or more easily use a pinch grip.  Finally, there is only one handle option in the Vintage Precision line.  The handles are made of walnut and constructed with two brass rivets to complete the traditional look.  The design is stunning, however, it’s important to note that these walnut handled knives cannot be placed in the dishwasher (it will void the lifetime warranty).  Furthermore, to keep the handles looking their best, the company recommends applying a light coat of mineral oil every couple of months.

Pros and Cons of Lamson’s Vintage Precision Knives

The Vintage knives have gained high praise from those who have purchased them.  The qualities driving people to these knives tends to be the American-made craftmanship, traditional design, and lifetime warranty.  We’ve outlined other factors that come into play in the pros and cons list below.


  • Good quality, American Steel
  • Extremely sharp, good edge retention
  • Easy to sharpen when needed
  • Lifetime Warranty and sharpening
  • Sleek, traditional design


  • Laser-cut blade not forged
  • Knife protectors are sold separately
  • Walnut handles need mineral oil to maintain rich look
  • Not available in block or knife sets
Lamson Vintage Precision Knife Set Handles

Like the Premier Knives, there are more benefits than drawbacks to owning a Lamson Vintage knife.  As described above, they are well-made from American steel and have a stunning, classic design.  They are durable and made to last a lifetime.

The two things that may hold people back from purchasing knives from this line is that they are not offered in block or steak knife sets, and the blades are laser-cut as opposed to forged.  First, the Vintage knives can be bought individually or in 2-to-5-piece sets.  This is great if you’re looking to add specialty knives or maybe a chef’s set to your collection.  Not great if you’re looking for a full block set to display. Second, a laser-cut blade may not be as strong as a forged blade at the point where it transitions to the handle.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that Lamson stands behind their knives with a lifetime warranty.  Meaning they will replace any knife that fails due to a manufacturer’s defect.  If you’re interested in what is covered under “manufacturer defects”, there is a good summary on Lamson’s FAQ page.

Even though the Vintage knives aren’t forged, they are still a high-performing tool that would be a great addition to any kitchen.  Not only do these knives have a lower price point than the Premier line, but they also have the same lifetime warranty and professional sharpening that comes with all Lamson products.  All in all, you can’t go wrong when purchasing a knife from this company.

Lamson Compared To Other Brands

The Lamson Premier Forged knives are very similar to knives made by German knife makers such as Wusthof and Zwilling.   They are forged, full-tang, full bolster knives made of high-carbon German stainless steel.  In fact, the steel used by Lamson is very similar to the German X50CrMoV15 steel commonly used by these other well-known brands.  The Lamson knives are durable, sharp, and perform just as good if not better than many of their oversea counterparts.  Couple that with the lifetime warranty and professional sharpening and Lamson knifes can go toe-to-toe with just about any German style knife brand.

Lamson knives are among the best when it comes to American-made kitchen knives.  The craftmanship and steel used to create the Premier Forged knives leads them to out perform other top brands such as Rada and Case.  The laser-cut Vintage line is comparable to the CUTCO brand in terms of performance.  Both have tough, sharp blades that will hold their edge; and, professional sharpening and lifetime warranties.

Lamson Knives Verses American Brands


What really sets these two apart are the handle material used, sets available, and price.  CUTCO handles are made from thermo-resin while Lamson’s Vintage handles are made from walnut; and, while CUTCO knives are more expensive that Lamson, they do offer a wider variety of individual knives including an array of knife block and steak knife sets.

Lamson Knives Review Conclusion

All things considered, Lamson produces quality American-made knives that are well worth the money.  They use quality steel and handle materials to produce products they have proudly stood behind for nearly two centuries.  The Premier Forged line is one of the only American-made forged knives still in existence.  Lamson knives may cost more than some popular overseas brands; however, they are handcrafted using American ingenuity and backed by a lifetime guarantee.  These knives will not only last you a lifetime, but will likely be passed down for generations to come.

To learn more about the knives and block sets offered by Lamson, continue reading below.  

Lamson Knives and Knife Sets 

Lamson knives are available individually or in 2-to-4-piece sets.  The Premier Forged line is also available in 6-piece, 10-piece, or 16-piece block sets.  The blocks come in maple or walnut finish and are available with the fire, midnight, or walnut handles.  To view the knives and sets available, click on the series below.

Lamson Premier Forged Fire 16pc Maple Block

Premier Forged Fire

Lamson Premier Forged Midnight 16pc Walnut Block Set

Premier Forged Midnight

Lamson Premier Forged Walnut 16pc Maple Block Set

Premier Forged Walnut

Lamson Vintage Precision 3pc Set

Vintage Precision Walnut

Lamson Knife FAQs

Where Are Lamson Knives Made?

Lamson knives are handcrafted in Massachusetts.  The steel used to make the forged knives is imported from Germany. The steel used to make the vintage knives is made in the USA.

Are Lamson Knives Dishwasher Safe?

Hand washing is recommended.  This is especially true for the walnut handled knives.  Placing them in the dishwasher will void their lifetime warranty.

What Kind of Warranty Do Lamson Knives Have?

Lamson knives have a lifetime warranty that protects against manufacturer defects.  They also provide a lifetime of free professional sharpening for all Lamson non-serrated knives through their “Sharp for Life” program.  You just have to pay shipping and handling to send your knives in to be shapened.

Are Lamson Knives Any Good?

Yes, based on our research, Lamson knives are the best American-made kitchen knives on the market.  They are durable, sharp, and made from quality materials.  When taken care of properly, Lamson knives will last a lifetime.