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Cyber Monday Kitchen Knife Deals 2022

Here at BladeAdvisor, we’re working extra hard to help our readers find the best deals on kitchen knives of all sorts this holiday season.

This page is our headquarters to the best kitchen knife deals during Cyber Week.  Cyber Monday, along with the days just prior and the days just after, are the biggest online shopping days of the year.  They have the biggest sales and the deepest discounts, and it doesn’t look like this year’s going to disappoint!  If your looking for a great knife or knife set this year but not sure which is right for you, use our guide to choosing the best kitchen knives.

Missed Cyber Monday?  Don’t worry there are still some great deals to be found.  We’ll continue updating this page throughout the week!

As you know, our favorite place to buy kitchen knives is Amazon.  There are many reasons this is true, but good prices, wide selection, and easy returns are a few of them.  If you want to see ALL the kitchen knife deals currently available on Amazon, use the buttons below.

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All Individual Knife Deals

If you don’t have time to go through all the deals, we’ve highlighted all of our favorites below.  Some of these knives sell out quickly.  We update this page often and do our best to keep it current all day on Cyber Monday and throughout the week.  However, please excuse any expired deals as prices change very frequently during this week.

If you’re looking for a specific category or knife brand, use the links below to save time and jump to the section highlighting those deals.

Cyber Monday Kitchen Knife Set Deals

Click on the images below to be taken to the deal!

Note:  Some of these deals have additional coupons.  If they exist, they are shown right below the price on the Amazon sales page and you MUST click the word “coupon” to get the dollar amount or percentage off!

Cangshan S1 Series 17pc Deal

Cangshan 17pc S1 Series Knife Set

Mercer Cyber Monday

Mercer 6pc Forged Glass Block Set

Lamson Fire 3pc Knife Set American Made Kitchen Knife Deal

Lamson Fire 3pc Set American Made!

Wusthof Carving Set Deal

Wusthof Carving Set 10pc with Case

Cangshan 23pc N1 Series Deal

Cangshan N1 Series 23pc Block Set

Deals on Individual Kitchen Knives

Chef Knife Deals

Cyber Monday Shun Chef's Knife Deal

Shun Premier Chef Knife 6in, 8in, & 10in

Cangshan Chef Knife Cyber Monday

Canshan 8in Forged Chef Knife

Mercer Chef Knife Cyber Monday Deals

Mercer Renaissance 10in Chef's Knife

imarku 8in chef knife deal

imarku 8in Chef Knife with Gift Box

Wusthof Chef Knife Deals

Wusthof Classic Cook's Knife - 8in

Santoku Knife Deals

Mercer Santoku Knife Deal

Mercer 7in Forged Santoku Knife

TUO 7in Santoku Knife cyber monday

TUO 7in Santoku Knife

Wusthof 7in Santoku Knife Deal

Wusthof Classic 7in Santoku Knife

Cangshan 7in Santoku Knife Deal

Cangshan 7in Forged Santoku Knife

Budget Friendly Kitchen Knife Sets (Under $100)

These knives may not have all of the  features of higher-end brands, but they are good deals and can provide you with a nice, quality set of knives for your kitchen.  Many of these deals go quickly, check them out before they are gone. 

HENCKELS 15pc Block Set Sale

15pc HENCKELS Solution Kitchen Knife Block Set

Cuisinart Classic Forged 15pc Knife Block Set Black Friday Deal

Cuisinart 15pc Classic Forged Triple Rivet Set

imarku cyber monday deals

imarku 15pc Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

enowo 15pc knife set deal

ENOWO 15pc Hollow Handle Knife Set with Block

Enowo Chef Knife 3pc Set Cyber Monday Deal

ENOWO 3pc Forged Kitchen Knife Set with Gift Box

Cyber Monday Steak Knife Deals 

Good steak knives are a must for any home.  This week is the best time of the year to find quality steak knives at a great price.  Many top-brands are running sales on sets from 4-to-10 pieces.  Below we’ve highlighted some of the best Cyber Week deals available.  Purchasing a quality set now is a great investment.

ZWILLING Steak Knife Set of 8 Sale

8pc ZWILLING Steak Knives

Wusthof 8pc Steak Knife Set Cyber Monday Deal

Wusthof Steak Knife 8pc Olivewood Box

Henckels Forged Steak Knife Deal

Henckels 4pc Forged Steak Knife Sets

Cangshan Steak Knife Set

Cangshan - N1 8pc Steak Knife Set

Deals on Wusthof Steak Knives

10pc Wusthof Steak Set in Olivewood Box

Cyber Monday Deals By Top Knife Brands

Through your feedback, we’ve modified this year’s Cyber Monday (Cyber Week) page to include deals from specific knife brands.  Below, you’ll find several world-class manufactures that are running cyber week sales on their knives.  For those of you not sure of the best brand for you, we’ve also linked over to our knife review on the brands so you can read more about each of them.  If you’re looking for more info in general across all brands, here’s a link to our kitchen knife brands review, where we share info on 20+ of the best knife brands available.

Wusthof has been making some of the best German-made kitchen knives for over 200 years.  They’re some of the most popular and coveted knives around.  There are several Wusthof Cyber Monday deals in 2021.  It is a perfect time to pick up some of their knives with all the great deals they have during this sale.

Read BladeAdvisor’s Wusthof Kitchen Knives Review

Dalstrong is constantly coming out with awesome new kitchen knives and knife sets.  They’re a relatively newer brand than Wusthof or Zwilling, but nonetheless, they make some cool knives and use top-notch materials.  They’re always a good value buy, but you won’t believe the prices they have on some of these knives right now!  Don’t miss out on the Dalstrong Cyber Monday Deals.

Read BladeAdvisor’s Dalstrong Kitchen Knives Review

Cangshan Cutlery makes some amazing kitchen knives with a large focus on their design aesthetic, producing some of the most beautiful knives we’ve ever seen.  Their prices are great to begin with, but there are currently some great Cangshan Cyber Monday deals.  

Read BladeAdvisor’s Cangshan Kitchen Knives Review

Henckels International and Zwilling are both kitchen knife brands made by the same manufacturer, based originally out of Germany.  They’ve also been around for over 100 years and make world-class kitchen knives.  Don’t pass up looking into the Henckels Cyber Monday deals if you want a discounted price on their knives.

Read BladeAdvisor’s Henckels & Zwilling Knives Review

Shun Cutlery is probably the most popular Japanese knife maker by American chefs.  Most Japanese knives are only sharpened on one edge of the blade, but Shun uses double-beveled knives, which is a big reason Westerners love them.  They are more like what they’re used to.  Shun’s knives are all handmade by skilled artisans with generations of experience.  They use high-end materials and have a reputation for amazing quality standards.  Check out Shun Cyber Monday deals, you can’t go wrong with their knives. 

Read BladeAdvisor’s Shun Cutlery Kitchen Knives Review

Miyabi is a Japanese knife brand that makes some awesome kitchen knives.  Their knives are all handmade in Seki, Japan under the scrutiny of skilled artisans using only traditional techniques.  Whether you’re looking at knives in their Kaizen, Mizu, or Artisan models, you’ll find they are all well-made knives and many have Miyabi Cyber Monday deals.

Read BladeAdvisor’s Miyabi Kitchen Knives Review

Zelite, a relative newcomer to the kitchen knife scene, offers tons of different knife models and always at reasonable prices.  But this weekend, pricing is even better than usual.  We’re not sure how long their Zelite Cyber Monday deals will last, so check them out while you can.  They offer many great knives worth looking into.  

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More Kitchen Knives at Great Prices

Looking for even more great prices on good kitchen knives?  Check out the following posts.  We appreciate all of our readers and hope you find everything you’re looking for at BladeAdvisor during this holiday season.  

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