Wusthof vs Cutco Comparison

Wusthof vs Cutco:  A Detailed Knife Comparison

By Bobby B.  |  August 12, 2020  | Knife Comparisons

If you’re out there trying to determine which new set of kitchen knives to buy or are just wondering what makes these two brands different, you’re in the right place.  These are two recognizable brands in knives and both have been around for quite some time with tens of thousands of customers around the globe, but for most, it’s hard to differentiate them just by looking at them.  We want to know, what’s the difference between them, and which one’s better, Wusthof or Cutco?  Let’s dig in…

Wusthof vs Cutco:  Brand Comparison

To understand how their knives are made and the type of quality you can expect, it’s important to better understand the brand behind the knives.  Can you trust them?  Have they been around for a long time or are they new?  Will they stand behind their warranty?  These are all questions that you should always ask yourself before potentially spending hundreds of dollars on someone’s product.  


As you’ve probably seen if you’ve read any of our other Wusthof knife comparisons, this family owned company has been around making knives for more than 200 years.  They produce knives in Soligen, Germany and have since day one.  Not only is Wusthof known as a world-class knife manufacturer, but the this particular city is well-known for their long standing knife making skills, tradition, and history.

List most German or Western-style knives, Wusthof makes heavy-duty and very robust kitchen knives.  The steel on their blades is thicker, their bolsters heavier, and the materials more durable than most any other style knives around.  Most of their knives (except their Pro & Gourmet series) are forged and full-tang, ensuring they last for many years.

Here’s a quick video briefly explaining each of the different knives in Wusthof’s line-up.  For more detailed information, check out our full page of Wusthof knife reviews that compares and contrasts each and every series of knife they make.


Cutco has been around for significantly less time, but they’re no new kid on the block either.  They’ve been producing their knives in Olean, New York since 1949.  They’re actually the larger producer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada!  Having kitchen knives that are made in the USA is a huge draw to many Americans.

One thing you’ll probably find very interesting about Cutco, or perhaps you already know this, but they go to market differently than most knife makers.  Most of their knives are sold using independent sales people like you and I that do in-home sales demonstrations.  For some, this makes them very uncomfortable, feeling pressure to buy from friends or relatives that might be trying to make money selling knives.  For others, they like that the product comes to them and they get to see it and feel it before they buy it.  For those that don’t appreciate this concept, don’t worry, many of their knives are available at Amazon.  You can check them out at the link below…

Two more things we felt important to mention.  First, Cutco makes the absolute best kitchen shears!  They’re tough, can cut through almost anything, and last forever.  They’re well worth the money.  Second, it’s common to find the brand Cutco associated with the word “scam” on the internet.  I wanted to point out that these pages/videos/rants are most often referring to working as one of these independent sales people for Cutco (Vector Marketing is the company that does their selling).  There is nothing scammy about their knives or purchasing their product.  It is a good product and they definitely stand behind their warranty.

The Knives:  Cutco vs Wusthof Classic Ikon

Cutco knives really only come in one style.  We’d almost consider it a French-style knife with a very ergonomic handle and polished blades.  Wusthof is quite the opposite and has tons of options to choose from.  For this comparison, we’ve selected one of our favorites, and the one that we believe most matches that of the Cutco knives, the Wusthof Classic Ikon series.  

Cutco 1728 8-inch petite chef knife

Cutco Knives

Blade Steel:  440A Stainless

Style:  Stamped

Bolster:  None

Cutco 2018 Homemaker 18-pc knife block set

Warranty:  Forever Guarantee

Handle Material:  Thermo Resin

Price:  $$$

Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-inch Chef Knife

Wusthof Classic Ikon

Blade Steel:  X50CrMoV15

Style:  Forged

Bolster:  Full

Wusthof Classic Ikon 14-pc knife set

Warranty:  Limited Lifetime

Handle Material:  POM

Price:  $$$

Cutco vs Wusthof Review: 

Most that you talk to will tell you that these are both great knife brands.  It’s easy to review products that people like, work well, and last a long time!


Both knives are well-revered by previous customers.  Very few that buy these knives regret it later.  They’re both great and each brand stands behind their knives as you’ll see in the warranty comparison section below.


There are two major areas where the knives themselves differ.  The first is the material.  The 440A stainless that the Cutco knives are made out of is a less desirable steel for knife blades than the X50CrMoV15 the Wusthof lines are made of.  It’s not as hard and the edge retention isn’t as good as the German steel. 

The other difference is with the process used to make the blades.  Most Wusthof knives are forged and Cutco’s knives are stamped.  We strongly advise buying forged knives when possible.  Admitadly though, Cutco does make some of the best stamped knives around.


For the same 2 reasons as we mentioned above in the “differences” section, we prefer the Wusthof Classic Ikon series knives over the Cutco offering.  Wusthof also just has more options, including (7) different knife series’ in their line-up to choose from.  This certainly doesn’t mean Cutco knives are bad or poorly made.  They’re not at all.  Many folks love their Cutco knives!


Wusthof vs Cutco:  Warranty Comparison

Okay, so there’s another difference between these two brands that we felt was important to mention.  It doesn’t really have much to do with the build of the knives, but it could play into a decision.  Many top kitchen knife brands, Wusthof included, offer a lifetime warranty on their knives.  Basically what this means is that if for an reason a manufacturing defect causes the knife to fail, break, or become damaged, they’ll repair or replace it.  Great right?

Well, Cutco goes a step further.  They have what they call their “Forever Guarantee“.  It really is one of the best warranty/guarantees that we’ve ever heard of.  This is what you wish all companies did to stand behind their products.  This guarantee says that “if at ANYTIME you’re not completely satisfied with the performance of your Cutco Product, we will correct the problem or replace it.”  This even includes knives that were gifted or passed down through family.  You don’t need the receipt to take advantage of the service, just a Cutco knife.  It goes on to say that they’ll also sharpen your knives forever too.  You just pay for shipping.  

If you’re skeptical of this guarantee, you’re not alone.  We were too at one point.  Who wouldn’t be?  No one does this!  The video below should speak volumes though.  Clearly Cutco wins on warranty!