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Kitchen Knife Comparison Guide

With so many brands and all their different collections of knives, it can be difficult to choose the best sometimes.  We’re often called to compare brands, collections, knife sets, or even individual knives.  We’ll collect and present these here in our kitchen knife comparison guide for everyone to view.

Knife Collection Comparisons

Link to Wusthof Knife Comparison

Wusthof Knives Review & Comparison

Our complete review on all of Wusthof’s knife collections. It also includes a comprehensive, head-to-head comparisons between their Classic, Gourmet, Ikon, and Classic Ikon collections of knives.

Link to Shun Knife Comparison

Shun Knives Review & Comparison

BladeAdvisor’s complete guide on Shun knives with an emphasis on comparing each of their popular collections.  Head-to-head comparisons between the Classic & Premier, Hiro & Premier, and the Sora & Classic collections are included.

Link to Dalstrong Knife Comparison

Dalstrong Knife Review & Comparison

Dalstrong is an up-and-coming knife manufacture with lots of great knife collections to choose from at an affordable price-point.  Check out BladeAdvisor’s assessment of their Shogun, Phantom, Gladiator, Shadow Black, and Omega Series knives.

Knife Brand Comparisons

Link to Cangshan vs Wusthof

Cangshan vs Wusthof:  Which is Better?

In this head-to-head battle between one of the oldest, most respected knife brands around in Wusthof vs. Cangshan, a relative new-comer making knives in China.  You can save money with Cangshan, but let’s discuss if the knives are any good.

Link to Shun vs Miyabi

Shun vs Miyabi:  2 Great Japanese Knives Compared

As two of the great, and most well-known, Japanese knife brands, Shun and Miyabi are often compared and contrasted against one another.  This page will do exactly this and compare their top knives, quality, and performance.

Link to Yoshihiro vs Shun

Yoshihiro vs Shun:  The Best Japanese Slicing Knives

Two of the best Japanese slicing knife companies and their top knives compared all on one page.  Not sure which to buy?  This is a great resource for who does what better, and which brand is stronger in certain styles of knives.

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